Hey I thought it would be nice to share thoughts about types in a more creative format.
Why not with poems? Feedback welcome

I'll start with mine: it's about recurring experiences I had with Te egos, and particularly people with the Te-subtype. To be clear: the bull = Te type & the china shop = the relationship I have with them.

To you

A bull in a china shop
The more scared he gets, the less he can tell his friends from his enemies
Bullfighting isn't over yet, we know it
But the bullfighter's spikes and your horns have the same purpose
Nothing good will come from it

A bull in a china shop
The more he destroys, the more he gets hurt by the shards of glass,
You don't want to feel guilty
But if you keep going, you will be

A bull in a china shop
The more he kicks, the further away the people he loves move,
Bull, you're hurting, we know it
But that doesn't give you the right to punch and hit

Bull running the streets,
What are you doing here?
Bull running the streets,
Leave this place, my china shop is closed

What a shame I couldn’t hold you back
What a waste You don’t seem to learn
Don't come back until You've changed