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Thread: Hmm so what might be my type真

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    Default Hmm so what might be my type真

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    Sorry I talk quite a lot ahhh

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    I'm not really comfortable with filming myself.. I was hoping a questionnaire would be somewhat sufficient

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    You could be EII.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dachbodenluke View Post
    I'm not really comfortable with filming myself.. I was hoping a questionnaire would be somewhat sufficient
    Without enough of typing data it's better to use tests.

    Then you'll need to understand your type yourself, anyway. To read books, to type people, to compare with yourself, to check IR effects with you, to check how their behavior fits to types theory. When fits good - your type is correct and you have some typing skills.
    There are no objectively good enough typers and methods to trust them blindly. The number of mistakes can be tens of %, generally. So what types you get from others or tests is a help to understand own type yourself.
    Types examples: video bloggers, actors

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    Alright, thanks for you input! I appreciate it a lot

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    Quote Originally Posted by dachbodenluke View Post
    1) What is your age range and general location (Country so that cultural values can be taken into account)?
    I'm an almost 19 year old male from Germany

    2) What do you deem as your purpose in life?
    I personally don't believe that there's inherently a purpose in life, it's what you make it. However I try to stay authentic to my myself and express myself while trying to figure out who I really am

    3) Of the seven deadly sins, which one(s) do you relate to the most and the least and why?
    I think sloth would suit me best, I can incredibly lazy sometimes and am a heavy procrastinator. I'm working on it tho.. Gluttony, greed and lust are probably equally the sins I relate least to, I'm not a very materialistic person and don't lead a hedonistic lifestyle. It's simply not something I really care about

    4) Analyzing your relationships with others, briefly describe:
    a) The type of people you are drawn to

    I obviously like people who are in a sense similar to me, I enjoy company of people who are open-minded and are willing to think rather abstractly and open to discuss theory and the bizarre (regardless of how pretentious this may sound lol). But I'm somehow also drawn to people who are somewhat reserved, but not shy, and are down-to-earth. I think it's a nice balance to my own personality

    b) The type of people who are drawn to you
    Usually, already above-mentioned, like minded people, but not all of them are as energetic as me. A lot of people who seem to be a reserved and rather cautious version of me seem to like me as well. I think it's my somewhat "playful" nature? I like encouraging people to realize themselves and push them to become their true self, as it's something that's personally important to myself as well. Gotta drag them out of their comfort zone sometimes to get them to live life yk?

    c) The type of people you are repulsed by
    Unflexible and rigid people who are not even a bit open to new thought when it comes to their beliefs and opinions.. Also I heavily despise who overly care about their social standing and reputation. There's more important things, it's your life after all. Do what makes you happy not what others would like/what makes you look good

    5)What are the traits in others that you admire but you cannot emulate yourself? Elaborate.
    I wish I was a bit more analytical I think. There's a lot more things I wish I was but I can't think of it rn

    6) Describe your relationship with the following:
    a) Anger

    I don't get easily angry with other people, I always try to be considerate and understandings towards the other party. However I can get angry at small things sometimes, it's sounds paradoxical and certainly is weird

    b) Shame
    There's no need to be ashamed of yourself. However I do sometimes struggle with some sort of social anxiety but it got better.

    c) Fear
    Not sure?? I don't think I fear a lot, more like anxiety

    d) Love/passion
    I've never experienced love before but I do think love and romance is a wonderful concept and desire to experience it. Besides the romantic aspect of love I do feel like my feelings of passion are very strong towards things I cherish or am passionate about

    e) Conflict
    I'm not good with conflict, I usually just avoid it and can be quite passive aggressive sometime.

    7) What are some of the themes that have played a prominent role in your life (ie. A struggle you’ve been unable to conquer, ect)?
    It's been a long way to fulfilling myself and living as who really am. Still working on it but my search for identity has always played a huge part in my life I think. Also connected to it, self expression I suppose

    8) Answer only one of the following:
    b)[Under college aged] What do you plan on studying/working as in the future? How did you go about deciding this? If this is not your ideal area of pursuit, what would be?

    I just graduated from high school and am planning on studying philosophy and social sciences or something along these lines. My decision is solely based on intrinsic motivation, I want to study something I'm truly interested in. To me I think that's what the point of studying is after all. However, this was only one of the two paths I had in mind - the other option would have been to study fine arts and pursue an artistic career. I was forced to take humanities path for now as I didn't finish my portfolio on time, I might switch next year tho if it's possible and I think it's worth it. I like humanities as much as I do arts tho! So I'm content with the current situation as well

    9) When meeting a new person, what do you tend to focus on?
    Usually what their basic nature is. Are they open-minded (lgbt friendly? Socially liberal? Independent minded? etc.)? And also how authentic are they? Are they showing their true self? Are their actions motivated by social recognition or by own interest?
    How open are they to new thought? I generally like people who I can be playful with and who would play with random thoughts and theories with me

    10) How do you feel about humanity as a whole? What do you feel are some of the biggest problems the human race faces and why?
    There's so much wrong with humanity I don't even know where to stop. I just wished people would live more mindful and be nore critical of the established, regarding the general attitude of most people. Obviously there's a lot more wrong with humanity but the answer would be wayy too long if I went into detail

    11) What are some of your hobbies and interests?
    I don't really have any hobbies in the typical sense of activities, but I have a few interests. I'm mainly interested in arts and culture, reading, films, music, fashion and I also enjoy humanities (mainly philosophy, politics and sociology but pretty much anything!). Besides that there are also a lot of various topics that I'm interested in, I like learning new stuff a lot. Sometimes I just browse on Wikipedia and fall down the rabbithole of a certain rather miscellaneous topic lmao. Be it citrus fruit, the structure and history of Nintendo or historic linguistics or color theory idk just everything that seems interesting to me to research. I also have the bad habit of picking up new "hobbies" as quickly as I drop them, I used to have phases where I was respectively obsessed with e.g. origami, keeping houseplants or pottery. I usually extensively research but when it comes to practice I almost always drop my interests within a few days or weeks. Another example would the extensive list of languages I've tried to learn at some point, but gave up on lol

    13) How do you usually “hang out” with your friend(s)?
    When answering, think about what activities you tend to choose, whether you hang out with one person at once or many, whether or not you initiate the interaction.

    I definitely prefer hanging out one on one with my friends, or in small groups. It allows you to connect on a deeper level better if that makes sense and I like that. Usually I'm the one who initiates stuff, kinda sad but I'm used to it. This is why I often fear that I'm not as important to them as how important they are to me. Usually we'd just hang out in the city, take a look at the shops and grab some food while talking. But usually the core is just talking and connecting. Sometimes also just doing stuff at home, cooking, watching a film or other stuff. Nothing too fancy

    14) What is more important, actions or words? Why?
    If it's only between actions and words, then - dare I say actions. Words can be meaningless. Actions can be too but what's the point of words if they don't preceed with actions? But I believe intentions are the most important. People may not follow through with actions but I like to believe it's the intentions are what counts - whether "good or bad"
    But obviously not everything in life is an "this or that", a healthy balance between action and words doesn't seem wrong

    15) Oh dear, you’ve been cursed by a witch! It’s ok though, you get a choice on which curse you will receive. Will you choose….
    a) To never be able to experience the sensation of taste
    b) To be immortal
    c) To lose your memories
    d) To be poor for the rest of your life
    e) Or to never experience passion
    Elaborate on why!

    I'd definitely go with a)! I mean do love food but honestly I won't die if I won't be able to taste, there's obviously more to life than food and taste lmao. My second choice would be to be poor for the rest of my life but I'd still prefer a) over e). The other three options sound absolutely horrible to me, uhh no thanks

    16) What do you hope to avoid being? If it helps, describe a person who embodies what you avoid/you as a villain, ect.
    Uhh I absolutely don't wanna become some stupid guy that just lives his life without any special thought or independent thinking. That would be so sad. Also I wouldn't want to become someone who solely "lives for others" meaning everything they do is based on social recognition and stuff.. I just don't wanna be a phony somebody that's so dumb.. so a representation.. perhaps a socialite? Idk

    17) How do you relate to obsession? Do you tend to "merge" with others or your interests? How do you feel about the idea of doing this?
    I tend to heavily "indulge" in new interests and become very invested in them. Recently I've been having a strong interest in clowns, harlekins and pierrots. I don't mind it tho, being involved deeply in a topic is way more fun. But of course I wouldn't make one interest my whole personality lol

    18) Organized or messy? Plans and blueprints or impulse and surprises? What are you preferences and tendencies?
    I'm kinda messy and extremely unorganized. I'm very bad when it comes to deadlines and such, but somehow I like planning things on certain cases. I just don't necessarily hold onto those plans. I really enjoy being flexible and holding my paths open in certain sense. I can be quite impulsive and don't mind when life gives me suprises or the plan changes. Being adaptable to new situations is important and make life more enjoyable and interesting I guess

    19) How do you subjectively view comfort and how do you create comfort in your life and surroundings?
    Not sure how to interpret this question or how to answer it. But I suppose I just need a space where I can retreat and self reflect. But I'm not scared of change or anything, it's important to step out of your comfort zone and try new stuff from time to time

    Sorry if my expression in English is kinda wonky, it's obviously not my native language so bear with me hehe
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    Quote Originally Posted by onfireee View Post
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