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Thread: Fasting for glory!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam Strange View Post
    Apparently, Nature thinks you shouldn't make kids if you can't feed yourself. You'd think it would be the opposite.
    Heh, makes sense, yeah.

    Quote Originally Posted by ouronis View Post
    You gotta cultivate that iron will. No one's gonna do it for you.
    Decided to speed-walk to and back from work daily, that's 5 miles / day and to ditch the car. (estimated burn /day = roughly 600 cal with 4.7 miles/h walking speed)
    Doing calisthenics strength training.. serious DOMS right now. We'll see in 2-6 months. I'll post pics maybe (tracking progress)

    I already eat kinda paleo, don't smoke and barely drink, so no change in that department.
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