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Thread: How do you see other types?

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    Default How do you see other types?

    In this thread I'm giving space for people to express how they view other types according to your sympathy (in Sol's definition) to them.

    I think a good indicator of good compatibility (considering that the person is being their "real self") is how long you can hear this person talking without wanting to switch to something else.

    So, below are some words describing how I see other types, based on assumptions I'm not going to share for personal reasons.

    SEE - I get along well with them on internet. They seem very assured of themselves and seem to be mentally healthy. I can listen to them for long at a distance.
    SLE - They're either cute or nasty. I prefer SEE over SLE, but I think SLE have something worth paying attention to when they speak.
    SEI - They seem like average people, the ones I've seen, and usually more beautiful than most other types. I usually think they're too shallow and talk about irrelevant aspects of life (in my opinion)
    SLI - I get the impression that they're robots. It seems that they have no creativity at all, until you know them better. I find interesting what they have to say, but usually not that it would catch my attention for long.
    ILE - It seems that they are either childish or mature, very extreme only. They usually don't have anything to add that I haven't thought myself (or could think myself), so I usually skip what they write/say after some time.
    LII - I learn a lot from them. The most intelligent types. I could listen to LII for hours, because their speech is very clear.
    LSI - extremely easy to understand, can listen for hours. I like LSI women, not so much men. They have something that makes me want to pay attention to them.
    EIE - Seem pretty mature overall. Not very interesting overall, because they seem to worry about irrelevant stuff. I like that they like the deepest (less tangible) aspects of existence.
    IEI - Boring and childish. Too emotive (maybe because of Ni leading + Fe) and poetic?.
    ESI - cute, but boring. I would marry one just for their beauty, if it were the only factor important to me, which isn't. (I know this description is pretty generalistic)
    LIE - Too worried about productivity. Naive and a little unfit for relationships (they don't know how to treat women??)
    LSE - They worried about relevant stuff, but not something I really strive for.
    ILI - Nothing interesting really, but nothing against them.
    IEE - shallow..

    I will continue later...

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    read Augustinavichiute's texts:
    "Duality nature of a human"
    "Theory of intertype relations"

    What I'm using fits to her understanding. And my experience of irrational feelings to different people. And relations with some of them.

    The main problem is to type people correctly to check and notice IR theory as should. The other problem - it's better to have several examples (of other sex) per a type to reduce nontypes influences.
    In my experience - the IR theory basis about complementing functions and similar values is good correct.

    "TIM All types. Love you"

    Equal balance of all 8 functions. Heh. It's the ideal state.
    Duality friendship/love relations should help to become closer to this.
    Opposing quadra types may be useful on later stages of this process - to accept 4 opposite values.
    A dual, then activator and later a conflictor to get a complete self-improving harem. *dreams*

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    lse - big bark soft bite
    ile - prurient raccoons
    sli - laconic troglodytic paranoids
    ese - grandiloquent window lickers
    see - cyclothymic gluttons
    lii - verbose androgynes
    eie - galvanic fiends
    iee - variegated exhibitionist hypocrites
    eii - selfish ethereal perverts
    lsi - meek group-oriented moralists
    ili - prolix monomaniacs
    sle - clingy louts, fag hags
    lie - itinerant arthropods
    iei - shy ingraphicate pilgrims
    esi - vigilant muckrakers
    sei - saccharine oafs
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    I understand by facts that telepathy exists. At now I experiment with future guessing.

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    ESE- fun to chat around and be silly with. the Ni-polr can get on my nerves though!!!
    SEI- always a comfortable good time together but then that's it
    ILE- i seem to click with almost every one I've met (at least, initially) (and that is rare for me)
    LII- great conversations! otherwise, they lap up my Fe like a dog. for some (Ti-sub and usually guys) I almost feel like i can mold their behaviour like clay..

    EIE- ?
    LSI- kinda endearing in a way but idk
    IEI- ?
    SLE- either admire or laugh at them from afar (but in a forgiving way)

    LIE- as long as I remind myself to relax (psychologically) we get along ok. one female LIE I know is very sweet and places a lot of importance to her values (LSE too). her Fi feels like a little baby I need to rock : )
    ESI- Se-sub scares me
    SEE- charming (SEE-Se 8w7 sx/sp though, ahhhhhhh)
    ILI- we turn into a puddle of redundancies together. totally incapable of helping each other. fun to make fun of people with them. if we have a close relationship, the Fe PoLR becomes problematic, and when they PoLR, being an IEI my reaction is to try to subtly hint at it using my body language basically (Ni/Fe), of course they don't pick up on it and i get more and more internally frustrated. on a separate note I wonder in what way my Te PoLR gets on their nerves.

    EII- interesting to be with but i usually stay away a bit
    IEE- very nice to be with
    LSE- usually are indifferent to each other. female Si-subs are very sweet ime
    SLI- like them, they usually intrigue me. slightly emotionally constipated.Te-sub can really unnerve me. for example when they attempt to make jokes but it's like 0.0 are you a psycopath. coming from someone who isn't afraid to say mean shit as a joke

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