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Thread: Catherine the Great (of Russia)

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    Default Catherine the Great (of Russia)

    She was definitely an extravert and member of the NT Researcher Club. I was thinking ILE-Ti because her husband, Peter III, seemed like an ESI-Fi and they conflicted with each other. She was aggressive like an LIE, but are LIE women ever that powerful and prudent and good at being leaders? I don't think so. And there are plenty of ILE-Ti who are aggressive and power seeking and good at being powerful (Se is their role function)... strong, dominant ILE-Ti leader women give me so many erections even more than ones who aren't leaders (Kimberly Kane is one such sexy dominant, aggressive ILE-Ti who has lead groups; some people might not think ILE-Ti can be really aggressive and domineering since they're members of the Alpha Quadra but ILE-Ti women can be quite domineering and even violent; they're pretty frequent among psychiatric nurses; if ILE-Ti women are left handed that may strengthen their anger and make them more willing to be confrontational, like initiating confrontations). I'm open to LIE for her type, but it doesn't seem super likely.

    WSS lists her as SEE, but I don't think SEE are ever as technical as she was.

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    It might take awhile to get an answer to this because a lot of us don't know much about her. Someone will eventually respond who knows her as well as Socionics typing. In what way did you learn of her? I watched Ekaterina on Netflix, and on the show I saw her as SEE also. I remember thinking, that is why a certain SEE woman I know is so passionate about "historical royalty" but actually it's fictionalized dramas of historical royalty she reads and watches, not history, and she would love that role as portrayed in novels and movies of the royalty. So it's fantasy for her. Nothing wrong with fantasy but it's not reality. The movies with all their richness and the royal person as the center of all attention and everyone bowing to their needs and whims, with all their duties and merely just their presence always deemed as important to everyone, and no cooking and cleaning or laundry, but lots of great clothes to wear that turn everyone's eye, and your very words sending everyone in motion around you. So yes, Catherine the Great in Ekaterina I identified as a SEE while I was watching it. But that is movie drama, historical fiction, and not meant to be accurate in portrayal, even though based on historical happenings dates folks know, but instead, is designed to draw you in and delight you with drama. Her real type, having not read real history on her, I have no idea.
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