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    Always ready to help, to meet you halfway, thereby inconveniencing himself. In general, he frequently lives with a sensation of discomfort and stress, and does so consciously. That by itself does not have sufficient value for him. But behold if we do something not very pleasant for someone else - that will be a ponderous Good Deed. Therefore Harmonizers are often doing something with a painful function. When people talk about PoLR as the “secondary creative”, this is about Harmonizing.

    In your own life, do you really feel a background "sensation of discomfort and stress" like this?
    What is the experience of being harmonizing like? please write and ramble as much as you'd like~

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    Its choosing self-restraint when the desire is to just go in hard. Preserving bridges I'm not sure I even care about. I wouldn't call it stress. More like "sigh... this dumb shit again..."

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