My one year-temp teaching position is winding to an end here at the end of the school year, as the tenured teacher is returning. I need to think of what work I can do, as with quarantines, teaching positions may be cut, especially my special area, which could be easily deemed non-essential.*

Many years now it's been teaching, or subbing, and I am looking to broaden the field. I'm not too keen on retail or restaurant work (and with quarantines, not a dependable future) and I don't want to use my own car for Uber or Amazon deliveries, putting wear and tear on it for a low wage job and not making enough to save for a replacement car. I have a little time to play with, but very soon I need to work, and we can get by on little if we have to. I need suggestions! I was given one suggestion, data entry from home. Hopefully there might be flexibility with time with that, which I would like. Much as I am sick of this computer from distance learning teaching morning til night these last 12 weeks, to be online on a more limited basis, like a mere 8 hours a day might feel like a vacation. I could do it and would love not driving somewhere. I live in a small town here in the semi-rural Berkshires Ct, in a place that is town after town. A couple of small cities are nearby, and down towards the shore there is plenty of population and more sizable small cities, but at 45-60 min. one-way commute, I am not into it (I prefer 20min. or less!). So, beggars can't be choosers, but I would like choices and directions to consider. If anyone would like to throw some ideas at me, I'd appreciate it!

*There is another the reason,. Powers that be seem to be angling towards forced vaccinations, and if I am teaching, even in a good position I like and enjoy, and if they require teachers to get vaccinations to "protect" children, I will quit then and the because I don't want one. I'd rather be poor than sick.