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Thread: Job suggestions sought!

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    Default Job suggestions sought!

    My one year-temp teaching position is winding to an end here at the end of the school year, as the tenured teacher is returning. I need to think of what work I can do, as with quarantines, teaching positions may be cut, especially my special area, which could be easily deemed non-essential.*

    Many years now it's been teaching, or subbing, and I am looking to broaden the field. I'm not too keen on retail or restaurant work (and with quarantines, not a dependable future) and I don't want to use my own car for Uber or Amazon deliveries, putting wear and tear on it for a low wage job and not making enough to save for a replacement car. I have a little time to play with, but very soon I need to work, and we can get by on little if we have to. I need suggestions! I was given one suggestion, data entry from home. Hopefully there might be flexibility with time with that, which I would like. Much as I am sick of this computer from distance learning teaching morning til night these last 12 weeks, to be online on a more limited basis, like a mere 8 hours a day might feel like a vacation. I could do it and would love not driving somewhere. I live in a small town here in the semi-rural Berkshires Ct, in a place that is town after town. A couple of small cities are nearby, and down towards the shore there is plenty of population and more sizable small cities, but at 45-60 min. one-way commute, I am not into it (I prefer 20min. or less!). So, beggars can't be choosers, but I would like choices and directions to consider. If anyone would like to throw some ideas at me, I'd appreciate it!

    *There is another the reason,. Powers that be seem to be angling towards forced vaccinations, and if I am teaching, even in a good position I like and enjoy, and if they require teachers to get vaccinations to "protect" children, I will quit then and the because I don't want one. I'd rather be poor than sick.
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    Get a job that uses or relates with what you teach.

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    The best would be to ask among people who have or had similar occupations as you.
    Communications with different people is what fits your skills.
    Flu vaccinations may be made required for all of this. They are doubtful to ruin your general health. A lack of money worsens possibilities to stay healthy too.

    Though what happens is suspicious to make problems against most people for interests of some minority. By vaccines or/and other is not clear. What may be made with peoples minds I'd care more. Vaccines may be a part of this. Near USA labs which made today pack of viruses for the current attack also were developed chemistry brain-washing technilogies since mid of 20th century.
    Taking artificially made and prepared media hysterics against viruses, I'd prefer to avoid a strangely forced vaccination. If the situation will allow this without significant loses in other.
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