Hey, since i have come to the conclusion that there should be more conflow people in my life, i wanted to ask for your experience with con-flow sackings (primarily) Sp/Sx and Sx/Sos and where you have met them.

For me i really find sp/sx people in niche art, most of the art i consume is made by sp/sx with some sx/so mixed in.
Also i sometimes stumble upon them irl, i would think out of 10 people i meet there may be at least one sp/sx, so it is not that rare and i am usually very delighted by their presence.

It is different with sx/so, while due to relateability and visibility of this type, i have a lot of role models who are sx/so but i can only recall one real Sx/So i have met and can confirm for sure that she was.

What are your experiences with these sackings, how did the people show their stacking, what kind of people were they and what were their usual activities and environments?