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Thread: "Typing methods without questionnaires" [behavioral nonverbal and common] by V. Talanov

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    Default "Typing methods without questionnaires" [behavioral nonverbal and common] by V. Talanov

    V. Talanov is mostly known for long years developing of huge typing tests with 8 Jung's functions.

    This article is one of the first (2002 year) about indirect typing, where among different it describes elements of nonverbal VI - the typing by intuitive impressions from nonverbal behavior. It's done there for dichotomies only. It's one of early works of the author. The article was done under significant influence by E. Filatova. The interesting part of the article is mostly limited by descriptions of nonverbal behavior.
    It needs to note, that nonverbal VI is not limited by dichotomies and also allows to suppose which functions are in ego block, which are strong/weak, valued/nonvalued, functions specifics of the place in model A, IR effects with the typer. For this may be used the existing descriptions and then tried to be intuitively felt in a human by a typer - closer to traits if which types the human is and in what degree - to assume the possibilities of different types.

    The text has 2 parts: 1st part is theoretical ; 2nd part is an example of the analysis for V. Putin's type (ILI). 1st part was published in a paper book "Справочник практического психолога" [Handbook of practical psychologist] by V. Talanov, I. Malkina-Pykh (2002). That book besides general psychology includes some Socionics theory as types descriptions and other. 2nd part was also published in a small paper brochure "Психологический портрет Владимира Путина" [Psychological portrait of Vladimir Putin] by V. Talanov (2000).
    A note: during 1993-1995 Talanov was a deputy in Russian parliament. There is a good possibility that Putin is informed about books published about him, especially by politically active people. So, thanks to Talanov, Putin may to know about Socionics and even what is thought about his type there. I agree, that Putin's type is ILI, though later Talanov has changed his opinion to LSI.


    Mainly, the interesting part for the translation is 1st one - as a text for beginners. My language is not so good to translate to English non-technical info.

    A variant of English translation of the 1st part, with sometimes doubtful terms to explain the sense, seems changes without pointing that those were done, doubtful additons made by translators and strange heading. The overal correctness and the quality of the translation could be better.
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