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Thread: Let's Talk About Socionics Temperaments (EJ, EP, IJ, IP)

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    Default Let's Talk About Socionics Temperaments (EJ, EP, IJ, IP)

    I've noticed that our Temperament threads are risking obsolescence. As of this post, I haven't seen any new replies, to them, since 2017. I thereby propose this revival thread.

    Let's share some insight about the 4 Socionics Temperaments (not to be confused with the 4 Hippocratic Temperaments: Choleric, Melancholic, Phlegmatic, and Sanguine).

    In Socionics:
    EJ Temperament: EIE, ESE, LIE, LSE
    EP Temperament: IEE, ILE, SEE, SLE
    IJ Temperament: EII, ESI, LII, LSI
    IP Temperament: IEI, ILI, SEI, SLI

    If you're new to analyzing Temperaments, and would like to read about them, here are some resources:

    In this thread, feel free to:
    a) Describe commonalities between a Temperament's sociotypes,
    b) Compare/contrast Temperaments,
    c) Share your experiences/opinions with/on people, regarding their Temperaments,
    d) Describe how you relate to your Temperament, or
    e) Discuss anything else about Socionics Temperaments (a to d are just ideas).

    I apologize, if this thread seems too open-ended/unspecific, to anyone. I felt that, in reviving our Temperament discussion altogether, I had to allow great freedom for all contributions.

    If you want to discuss anything about Socionics Temperaments, go for it!
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    There seems to be a ranking among the four temperaments for least object oriented to most object focused.

    IJ: Focused exclusively on fields.
    EP: Mostly focused on fields, but can switch to objects.
    IP: Mostly focused on objects, but can switch to fields.
    EJ: Focused exclusively on objects.

    This pattern generalizes for types of cognition also. Panoramic-holographic > Causal-deterministic > Dialectical-algorithmic > Vortical-Synergetic in terms of field focused versus object-focued.
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    I wrote my two articles, to which you refer, a while ago and tried to use Socionics-like wording, which was a mistake (especially in mytake.html); I would have chosen different wording today but the underlying concepts that I was trying to explain haven't changed. Temperament (such as all Ijs) seems to have more behaviour processes in common than do, for example, the combined NT group; NT signifies processing preferences/filters whereas Ij signifies system structure/configuration......

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    Do you think Gulenko's stress resistance groups are valid to some degree? Is there any justification for it (haven't found any yet)?

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