ILE-Ti: More disproportionately from acute myocardial infarction than any other type (from what I've read of historical ILE-Ti and it makes sense given that their sexy fat is more in their upper body than any other type and they eat rich fried foods more than any other type and they tend to eat larger portions than most; they often like feeling sore, bloated, or having indigestion). Least likely type to die of complications from dementia (and to actually have dementia).

ILE-Ne: I don't know.

SEI-Fe and SEI-Si: I don't know.

ESE-Fe and ESE-Si: I don't know.

LII-Ti and LII-Ne: I don't know.

EIE-Ni: Progressive vascular problems (unlike ILE-Ti, they can have a heart attack and then survive for a long time after it and may die of brain anuerism, while ILE-Ti are never or almost never chronic heart patients, they just have one fatal myocardial infarction or a series of myocardial infarctions occuring over a short time period then they die from the last one). This is a type that's moderately to highly likely to commit suicide as well.

EIE-Fe: I don't know.

LSI-Ti: the most bottom-heavy Ti-valuing type, especially women (they're often repulsed by fried foods and people eating them, they pretty much only eat low fat foods, and they "eat like birds"). men likely to die from execution; for women of this type most common cause of death is alzheimer's disease followed by all other brain diseases. women of this type are among the least skeptical of medical procedures, pharmaceutical products, instructions, and they follow pretty much any M.D.'s advice to a tee unless they had a goal they were trying to achieve (usually if the doctor was saying they don't want to give a high dose or sometimes if the doctor is extreme, as they like moderate, but they're never as hostile towards nor offended by doctors' advice as SLE often are). EII are similar in their trust of medical advice, pharmaceutical products, procedures and their generally personally liking doctors (although at the same time being annoyed that some types of doctors get paid too much while others get paid too little although for different reasons) and thinking of them as a group of good people.

LSI-Se: predominantly myocardial infarction, but unlike ILE-Ti, this type is prone to fatal car accidents and to being executed by the state.

SLE-Ti and SLE-Se: medical problems that have built up half their lives. this is the type that is most skeptical or disregarding of and even offended by doctors' advice, the most likely to believe in paradoxical effects, the most likely to believe that vaccines cause autism or the disease they're said to prevent, and modifies doctors' instructions to lower dosages more than any other type. IEE is somewhat similar, but it's due to misunderstanding or personal dislike/envy of physicians rather than consciously.

IEI-Fe and IEI-Ni: IDK. I'm curious about this. I think this a type that's likely to commit suicide as well.

LIE-Te and LIE-Ni: IDK, but my guess would be myocardial infarction. I'm kind of curious about this.

ESI-Fi: I'm not sure

ESI-Se: Causes of death are more variable than any other type I know for sure, although it seems like myocardial infarction is the most common but by a small margin and certainly not the majority like many other types.

ILI-Ni and ILI-Te: Myocardial infarction from the few cases I know of and given that they're often heavy and have bad hygiene.

SEE-Se: Myocardial infarction.

SEE-Fi: I don't know.

LSE-Te: I don't know.

LSE-Si: Probably myocardial infarction, but I'm not 100% sure about this.

EII-Fi and EII-Ne: I don't know, this type is so rare. My guess would be myocardial infarction since they're a process type (process types/subtypes, especially causal-determinists, are more likely to die from myocardial infarction; LSI-Ti isn't really a process type).

IEE-Fi and IEE-Ne: complications from dementia. the type least likely to die of myocardial infarction (interesting how the least emotionally empathetic type is the most likely to die from myocardial infarction and least likely to die from complications from dementia, while the most emotionally empathetic type is the least likely to die from myocardial infarction and most likely to die from complications from dementia).

SLI-Te and SLI-Si: I don't know.