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Thread: Type me: quarantine shit edition

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    Default Type me: quarantine shit edition

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    Winning is for losers


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    Quote Originally Posted by Actuallyhere View Post
    Well since no replies I’m gonna ramble about myself here because I’m bored:

    I love dogs more than cats, Well really I love animals in general.

    my favorite color is purple because it’s a mix of courageous red and calm blue and represents royalty.

    My close childhood friends type i think were: ESE, SLE, ILE, IEE, SEE, IEI/EII.

    I dream about going on grand adventures, fighting demons and shit because reality is boring.

    People love to call me out for being closed off, private and not talking to them and it pisses me off to no end.

    i think I give a laidback, chill image even if I’m not

    im more social on the internet than irl but I think that’s most introverts.

    When I was young I was insecure because I felt I was invisible, something was wrong with me and that I wasn’t interesting/irrelevant so I would act really friendly, upbeat and cheerful around others so they would be attracted to me and not see me that way.

    I was jealous of people who had stronger personalities and more energy than me because they could influence other people and the environment.

    I was a follower and I guess my personality was dependent on my friends and other people? When I separated from them i felt like an empty shell, I neglected developing myself in favor of being with others smh. Now I’m cautious about trying to connect with others because I don’t want that to happen again.

    I dream of traveling the world and exploring new exciting places.

    this is all I can think of at the moment
    Introvert and low Si, LII could be a correct typing. But only you can know for sure.

    I do want you to remember btw that even though you may not feel like it, you have full control over your life. If you don’t like how things are going for yourself for example socially, change your environment. Can seem like a difficult decision to make but in the long run, the only person you have to please is yourself. And turn your weaknesses into your fucking strength, to say you need to develop a “bigger” personality is bs and will do nothing for you. And fucking own being the asshole in the group and ditch them. Get over it and focus on what you CAN do and what pleasures YOU and you alone

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    lol i relate to a lot of this but i feel like there wasnt enough info to type. if u ever get bored then u could also break down exactly how you might possibly use each function, or what types you think you are and why you think so. also in my experience ppl wont get influenced even though youre energetic. u have to connect w them somehow

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    I know this thread is old but i feel bad about not replying to y'all. I'm surprised i got LII typing, i don't think my Ne or Ti is really all that good.. I guess i was overcompensate those functions or something.

    I did do the 40Q later on after this one so i'll post here if anyone is curious:


    1. How do you work? Why do people go to work? Are there any parameters that determine whether you can do work or not? What are they?
    I try to work as best and quickly as possible to get the tasks i need to do out the way. I also like to keep busy because i get bored without something to do.
    People go to work for a variety of reasons. To make money, they enjoy the work they do, to gain knowledge and experience, to support family members, etc.
    I looked up parameters and it didn't clear up my confusion on what the last question is asking so idk.

    2. How do you determine the quality of work? How do you determine the quality of a purchase? Do you pay any attention to it?
    I determine the quality of my work by how fast i complete the work and if it matches the standards the work place wants it to be. The way i determine the quality of a purchase is either from other people (reviews, people i trust, educated people), research about it, looks like it can do what i need it to do. Yes i pay attention to this

    3. There is a professional next to you. How do you know they are a professional? How do you evaluate their skill?
    I determine if a person is a professional if they are capable or knowledgeable about what needs to be done, explained, etc. I evaluate their skill by how well they meet the standards of what's needed to be done or get the finish product of what's wanted if that makes sense.

    4. If you struggle to do something, how do you fix that? Do you know if your performance is better or worse than others?
    Depends on what i'm doing, i'll either step back to slow down and see if i missed something, look it up or ask someone for example. I'll know if my performance is bad by seeing where they are along the same task and if they get more points, faster time, etc.

    5. How do you measure the success of a job? What standard do you use? Do you pay attention to it? When should you deviate from this standard?
    If i finish what i was suppose to do and meet the standards without any mess up than it's a success to me. I use the work place standards of what they want, yes i pay attention to it because i need to and i deviate away from it when i'm no longer in the area.

    1. What is a whole? Can you identify its parts? Are the parts equivalent to the whole?
    The hell is this question?? A whole is a sum of many parts i guess? And i guess i can identify it's part if i can see what whole we're talking about than maybe. Are the parts equivalent to the whole? Hmmmm No

    2. What does “logical” mean? What is your understanding? Do you think that it correlates with the common view? How do you know you are being logical?
    It's hard for me to put into words but my understanding of logical is pretty much someone who knows what they're talking about and it just makes sense either with facts or explanations that's correct. I'm not sure if it correlates with the common view and i know i'm being logical if what i'm thinking or saying was correct or common sense i guess.

    3. What is hierarchy? Give examples of hierarchies. Do you need to follow it? Why or why not? Explain how hierarchy is used in a system you are familiar with.
    Hierarchy to me is a ranking system or branches of power or influence. An example that immediately popped in my head is the online ranking system for competitive multiplayer or used for celebrities (A-list celebrity, B-list). No i don't need to follow it or want to follow sometimes especially in real life where it inflates a person shitty ego and thinks it gives them the right to treat people less than.

    4. What is classification? How does classification work? Why is it needed and where is it applied? Give examples.
    Classification is giving (a group?) something with similar traits a name so it can be identified. It's needed so we know what's the shared trait in the group i think i remember in science class classification was used to group animals together in an ecosystem or something.

    5. Are your ideas consistent? How do you know they are consistent? How do you spot inconsistency in others’ ideas?
    I honestly have no clue if my ideas are consistent. I know that what i wanted to do career wise have been consistent but other than that i feel like i've never been a consistent person internally even though i try to be. The only time i remember spotting inconsistency is when someone says one thing but goes against it later.

    1. Can you press people? What methods do you use? How does it happen?
    If by press people you mean getting them off your back then, With the some mental and emotional preparation, yes i can press people, It takes me a lot to get to that place though. What i do is by being an immovable wall and keep persisting standing firm until they move on or escalate it a step further.

    2. How do you get what you want? What do you do if you have to work to get what you want?
    I just go for it. Sometimes i go for it without a plan so there's a lot of trial and error, or i'll look up the step to take to reach it, i'll also change my method if i need to or it's an easier way to get it. If i need to work to get then i'll work for it.

    3. How do you deal with opposition? What methods do you use to defend your interests?
    Really depends on what the opposition is.. like for example if it's people getting in my way i'll either talk it out, confront them, stone wall and ignore them or push through them by sheer stubbornness. I've never understood what it's meant when i read defending your interests, my interests are science and art creativity not sure what that needs to be defended from. If someone gets in my way and seriously stops me from progressing then that's when you confront them.

    4. When do you think it’s ok to occupy someone’s space? Do you recognize it?
    When they start to occupy mine with aggressive intentions. If there's no malicious intent then i'll gently guide or push them away if that makes sense. Do i recognize when i can occupy someone's space? Yes but i rarely would do it.

    5. Do others think you are a strong-willed person? Do you think you have a strong will?
    No i don't think people think i'm strong-willed they just think i'm stubborn as shit. I don't believe i have a strong will but i won't allow myself to be swayed off the path i'm trying to reach. I'll try to reach it no matter how long it takes.

    1. How do you satisfy your physical senses? What examples can you give? What physical experiences are you drawn to?
    Whenever the urge comes up i'll try to satisfy it. If i'm hungry i'll eat, tired i'll rest, etc. The physical experiences i'm drawn to are the ones that get me moving and grounds me in my body. Swimming, running, weightlifting.

    2. How do you find harmony with your environment? How do you build a harmonious environment? What happens if this harmony is disturbed?
    I'm not exactly sure how i find harmony with my environment? I build a harmonious environment by being around or doing the things i enjoy or relaxes me internally. Like right now i'm playing music next to an open window feeling the breeze come through is relaxing me.
    Depends on what is disturbing me, but i can usually ignore it and make it background noise. If not i'll become annoyed and either move or stop it.

    3. What does comfort mean to you? How do you create it?
    Comfort is mental, emotionally, and physical relaxation or freedom. I don't have to worry about anything and i'm free from overbearing stress. I create it by isolating myself pretty much.

    4. How do you express yourself in your hobbies? How do you engage yourself with those things?
    In art i'll draw or paint something that depends on how i feel. With physical fitness it's the focus it brings or i'll just want to get my heart pumping and feel my muscles working.

    5. Tell us how you’d design any room, house or an office. Do you do it yourself, or trust someone else to do it? Why?
    I don't think i'm good at designing any room, i'll probably look up a layout i like/think works the best or ask close ones because i don't have really good style.

    1. Is it acceptable to express emotions in public? Give examples of inappropriate expression of emotions.
    Yeah i believe it's okay to express emotion in public. I can't really give an example of inappropriate expression of emotion.. i think it's because i believe that people could express their emotions how ever they want because that's their emotion it's how they feel so they can express it however.

    2. How do you express your emotions? Can you tell how your expressions affect others in a positive or negative way?
    I don't like expressing my emotions too much it feels to vulnerable to show my true feelings but there are times when i do. When the emotion comes up to strong i can't help but express it right away, this happens commonly with negative emotions because i bottle them up the most.
    I can predict how others would react sometimes. When i'm in a group or with a person i get a feeling or vibe that whatever i express will go well or not, if i'm not sure i'll gently or spontaneously express the emotion to see what happens.

    4. In what situations do you feel others’ feelings? Can you give examples of when you wanted to improve the mood of others?
    I use to be able to feel people's emotions a lot when i was younger but thankfully i'm not able to that much anymore. I feel other's emotions if it's externalize, for example if someone is crying or looks hurt i'll feel the same and may try to console them if i'm close to them.

    5. How do others’ emotions affect you? How does your internal emotional state correlate or contrast with what you express?
    If i'm in the right mood i'll absorb the atmosphere and energy of other people to match it. If i'm too down internally then i won't be motivated to match it and will remove myself or stand in the background but its not too hard to raise my emotion back up if down correctly by someone or certain situations.

    1. How can you tell how much emotional space there is between yourself and others? How can you affect this space?
    Depends on my feeling on them i guess, if i don't like them much then there won't be much there. I won't be open towards them, feel nothing for them or have any desire to get closer/get to know them. I affect this space by doing the opposite becoming more open, friend, attentive, etc.

    2. How do you determine how much you like or dislike someone else? How does this affect your relationships?
    I determine by how much i want to get to know them, be around, how relaxed i feel, express myself, etc. and if i'm still motivated to be around them and it feels good then i like them.
    It doesn't affect my relationships because i currently have none.

    3. How do you move from a distant relationship to a close one? What are the distinguishing characteristics of a close relationship?
    By getting to know the person more and deeper, characteristics are complete trust and honesty, openness, sharing of intimate stuff, etc.

    4. How do you know that you are a moral person? where do you draw your morality from? Do you believe others should share your beliefs on what’s moral? Why?
    I honestly don't think i am one? I'm still not sure what a moral person is tbh.. i do have my own personal belief about how i should treat others and such which came from my own personal experience and watching how others behaved. No i don't believe others should share my own belief on what's moral because it's my own personal belief and it may not fit what they need to follow in life.

    5. Someone you care about is acting distant to you. How do you know when this attitude is a reflection of your relationship?
    I'm probably misunderstanding this question but when someone did this me it was because we had a big fight about something but it didn't last long, i'll keep the distance until i feel like it's safe enough to approach again if they keep acting distant then i know the relationship has really changed.

    1. How can you tell someone has the potential to be a successful person? What qualities make a successful person and why?
    So i believe that everyone have potential to be successful somewhere in the world, everyone got their own abilities or characteristics where put in the right place the person can thrive. Qualities i believe make a successful person is determination and grit because you need to want and be able to put in some effort to get what you want.

    2. Where would you start when looking for a new hobby? How do you find new opportunities and how do you choose which would be best?
    By figuring out what i would enjoy and want to do then look for like that. I find new opportunities mostly through other people and i choose which is best by determining which one would give me what i want the best.

    3. How do you interpret the following statement: “Ideas don’t need to be feasible in order to be worthwhile.” Do you agree or disagree, and why?
    Ehh maybe? For me personality i want my ideas to be realistic and practical but for other people i don't really care.

    4. Describe your thought process when relating the following ideas: swimming, chicken, sciences. Do you think that others would draw the same or different connections?
    Well first i visual the words separately then i figured it was suppose to mean something so i imagined a chicken swimming while a scientist watched and recorded data, that didn't make much sense so i decided to imagine me swimming in a big lake as a workout then going home to eat chicken because protein helps muscle growth and that's science.

    5. How would you summarize the qualities that are essential to who you are? What kind of potential in you has yet to be actualized and why?
    Quiet, Reserved, patient, stubborn to start... I feel like the potential i haven't fully tapped into are related to my artistic, cooking/baking and science ability because i feel like i could really be successful in those areas but i'm lazy and for the art i don't know where to start and for cooking i don't know how to advance.


    1. How do people change? Can you describe how various events change people? Can others see those changes?
    People change from internal or external situations from either stress, sudden events, trauma, etc. Other's can see it if the person starts acting different.

    2. How do you feel and experience time? Can time be wasted? How?
    I experience time one day at a time, yes time can be wasted for example if you're procrastinating on something that can be done now that would help you in the future or the time can be used for developing whatever you've been wanting.

    3. Is there anything that cannot be described with words? What is it? If so, how can we understand what it is if language does not work?
    Sometimes feelings can't be described into words the only way i can see someone understanding it is by feeling it themselves.

    4. How do you anticipate events unfolding? How can you observe such unfoldments in your environment?
    If it's between people i can probably see where this it's going to go especially if i'm close to them or if i've seen the exact situation in the past before.

    5. In what situations is timing important? How do you know the time is right to act? How do you feel about waiting for the right moment?
    When it's to avoid trouble coming for you, to figure that out i would need to know the details of the situations and plan it out i guess and no i don't mind waiting for the right moment if it makes the rewards sweeter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flying Dutchman View Post
    Introvert and low Si, LII could be a correct typing. But only you can know for sure.

    I do want you to remember btw that even though you may not feel like it, you have full control over your life. If you don’t like how things are going for yourself for example socially, change your environment. Can seem like a difficult decision to make but in the long run, the only person you have to please is yourself. And turn your weaknesses into your fucking strength, to say you need to develop a “bigger” personality is bs and will do nothing for you. And fucking own being the asshole in the group and ditch them. Get over it and focus on what you CAN do and what pleasures YOU and you alone
    Thank you for the words of encouragement it's taking me a while to realize that being myself is enough for me to find joy in life and that i'm not as helpless as i thought when it comes to changing bad situations that i'm in. : )

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    if you want to get not more suprises but the correct type, then make a video

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