A lot of time thereare LII's in media and they're often pigeonholed into a -laden job which doesn't offer much room for characterization, or their characterization ends with their job. For instance, L in Death Note is an investigator and everything about him is defined in terms of who he is as an investigator. Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation is defined as the walking computer and everything about him is defined in terms of his status as a walking computer. This is fine, but it offers very little perspective on what it is like to be LII as a person.

Meanwhile, there are ILE's who are not solely defined in terms of their job/role. Orochimaru from Naruto is an ILE- and he's given significant characterization outside of being a mad scientist (he's also a member of the Sannin and a villain who drives half of the plot).

Where are LII's who are given significant characterization along the lines of Orochimaru... preferably not as a villain?