Primary Introverted Intuition - Personal Analysis of Conceptual Properties - Perception of Development
Aware, Invested, Accessible, Receptive

Esenin is constantly monitoring the progression of time and the consequences of his actions. He formulates models of observations in his head about how people react to his various emotions, storing them for use in social situations. Not infrequently is he caught daydreaming about the possibilities of his future, and what life has in store for him. He accepts the flow of time as it is, often fascinated by the perceptions of sequential occurance that occur to him by the careful study of consequence.

Secondary Extroverted Ethics - Universal Analysis of Relational Properties - Judgment of Ethics
Aware, Invested, Accessible, Unreceptive

For Esenin, the emotional atmosphere around him is one of malleability and potential. He always seeks to produce the maximum level of comfort in communication, regardless of the cost to himself. This often results in his taking on the role of a counselor to his friends and loved ones. However, attempts of others to comfort him in times of distress are often ill-received, as he feels that his emotions are his own responsibility.


Tertiary Introverted Sensation - Personal Analysis of Physical/Volitional Properties - Perception of Sensations
Aware, Uninvested, Inaccessible, Receptive

Esenin is hyper-aware of the sensations conferred upon him by his environment, and, as such, is both easily slaked in his quest for comfort, as well as easily perturbed from his ideal state. He is attentive to matters of style, as he believes that they reflect upon his status. However, when he experiences internal discomfort, either mental or physical, he is often caught unprepared, and feels helpless to improve his situation. As such, he is prone to think of matters of health as secondary.

Quarternary Extraverted Logic - Universal Analysis of Logical Properties - Judgment of Efficiency

Aware, Uninvested, Inaccessible, Unreceptive

Esenin always likes to take his time. He judges his methods not by their efficiency, but by the satisfaction they afford him along the way to the production of an outcome. He is not readily able to come up with a more efficient way of completing a task, even if it specifically requested of him. He frequently requires advice in this area, but is loath to seek it out, because he would rather do things "his way."


Quinary Extraverted Sensation - Universal Analysis of Physical/Volitional Properties - Perception of Power
Unaware, Invested, Inaccessible, Receptive

While Esenin is not usually found at the helm of a social clique, his influence inside it cannot be overestimated. He makes a habit of ingratiating himself with those in positions of power, although he is often completely unaware that his behavior consistently produces this effect. He readily accepts advice concerning will power, and appreciates the initiative of others in helping realize his ideals for the world around him.

Senary Introverted Logic - Personal Analysis of Logical Properties - Judgement of Structure
Unaware, Invested, Inaccessible, Unreceptive

Esenin greatly values the ability of others to analyze a system logically. Deep down, he craves understanding of a higher order, but is not always able to provide the method for it by himself. While he tends to disregard comlete explanations and detailed analyses that are presented to him, he longs for someone to provide for him a mechanism by which he can acheive his own understanding.


Septenary Extraverted Intuition - Universal Analysis of Conceptual Properties - Perception of Possibilities

Unaware, Uninvested, Accessible, Receptive

Esenin has a storehouse of ideas and connections made subconsciously that only make themselves known when called upon by others. He has very realistic ideas about the talents of others, but has a tendency to be overly critical of his own abilities, often overlooking his own potential in various areas. If depressed or antagonized, he can even become dismal, lacking faith in his own uniqueness of character, and merely hoping to do the minimum to avoid falling in with the status quo.

Octonary Introverted Ethics - Personal Analysis of Relational Properties - Judgment of Intimacy
Unaware, Uninvested, Accessible, Unreceptive

Often seeming to harbor overly romantic or unrealistic expectations of what relationships should be like, Esenin's true interpretations of relations are only ever understood by those who become involved with him. He is confident in how he wants relations to be conducted, and dislikes anyone telling him how to treat or behave around a partner.