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    Default Trying the Extended Questionnaire

    This questionnaire seems long so I'll try to be succinct in my answers. I'm usually on the wordier side though. Please give a rationale for why you think I'm X type (can be a short reason) when you answer so I understand your reasoning. FYI, so far I've been typed as ILE, IEE, SEE/ESI and LIE by different people and since some of these are radically different types I'm just trying to get a better consensus. Thank you for your time!

    Edit: I posted a video below for V.I.

    What do you study or do for a living? How did you come to do that? What do you like or dislike about it?

    I want to go back to school to study Sociology and Public Health and eventually work on research to assist in correcting health inequalities for minority populations and to assist medical practitioners gain better compliance with their patients. Also to aid in additional health education for minority populations.

    Currently I'm a pharmacy tech and I went to school for pre-vet medicine and English. Couldn't find stable work as an English major so went into the vet tech field and then went to pharmacy because it makes more money. I like the problem solving aspect and the constant variety of the health field, but find the pharmaceutical field a bit boring task wise (too detail oriented, not enough in person interaction or not directly contributing to change in the world) so I want to pursue another area within the health industry ultimately and write on the side.

    What are your values, and why?

    I value freedom, independence, independent thought, improving the world with emphasis on improving the global human condition, having some goals in life even if they’re not standard ones, self-improvement and optimization…
    I guess these are the values that I center within as the most important and I think it would be awesome if other people centered these as core values in society as well.

    What else do you do on a daily basis? What are your interests and hobbies? Why do you do them?
    I work mostly. When I get home I watch Netflix with my partner or hang out with some of our friends. I also research things constantly. I’m usually on my phone constantly researching one of my interests like typology or reading an article posted by one of my other friends on facebook.

    I also do D&D. That’s my current biggest hobby on weekends. I organize nights and have several different campaigns running right now.

    I do things because they’re fun and interesting and enjoyable and I get to spend time with other people and get a break from the humdrum of the 9-5 life of constant production.

    Describe your relations with family and friends. What do you like and dislike about them?
    My family and I don’t really speak or interact anymore since I came out as queer because they’re intolerant. I mostly see them on holidays. My Mom stopped speaking to me entirely just because I asked her views on it and wanted to clarify our current relationship.
    My friends and I are fine. I don’t have many individual friends on my specific friends. I think they’re all generally good and interesting and fun people to hang around. I tend to rotate between friends that happen to be available or spend time with specific friends that are available more often than not and want to hang with me all the time. Otherwise I just hang around my partner. I’m not interested in most people so the people that I like I tend to want to hang around a lot.

    What do you look for in friends? In romantic relationships?
    Interesting people. Ethical people I guess? Like people who don’t have skewed morals who aren’t gonna be out there idk, raping kids? This is most of society but I’m just saying I have met some unsavory people over the course of my life. People who like to have fun and do fun activities. My partner’s friends tend to like talking about cars and standing around doing nothing while smoking weed and I find that generally boring as crap. I tend to be more interested if there’s something I can do or be mentally engaged in. Like a movie or game night or karaoke or even a discussion on world affairs and the state of the world. Not how cars function and how to trick them out. That’s kinda boring to me.

    Romantic relationships: A caring and fun partner who I click with and who is willing to hold healthy discussions on conflicts and resolve issues between us. You wouldn’t believe how many people don’t do this.

    What conflicts have you encountered recently with other people? Why did they happen? Which kinds seem to happen on a regular basis?
    Some chick at my work didn’t like me for some reason. No idea why. She acts rudely to everyone but was especially being rude to me when I first started working. But now she chilled out and stays away from me so I’m cool. I don’t really have beef with other people very often nor do I usually feel much negative or positive emotion towards others so it always throws me off when there’s conflict at all. Usually it’s because another person doesn’t like me for whatever reason OR I’ll get mad with someone and develop a negative view if they treat my friends badly. I’m even more protective over my friends than I am over myself.

    How would your friends describe you?
    Nice. Interesting. Fun. Analytical. Probably hard-headed and stubborn which can make me seem stupid at times cause I don’t like to take other people’s advice. Flippant at times. Enthusiastic around friends. I constantly want to do new things and see new things and have new experiences and learn new things so sometimes I can be pushy about trying to get people out of their shells if I’m particularly bored or want novelty.

    What do people generally see as your strengths? What do you like about yourself?
    Strengths. Probably the above. I also like most of the above.

    What are your weaknesses? What criticism do you often face from others? What do you dislike about yourself?
    Weaknesses. I wish I were able to be slightly more empathetic to others right off the bat. It’s something that my friends can do but it’s always a round a bout experience for me. Like I have to be able to intellectualize the experience or have a personal experience of my own similar to it before I gain a full understanding of it enough to feel empathetic towards the person and their situation.

    I also am not the best at practical things. Like stated above I don’t know about cars. Or cooking. Or fixing things up in the house. And I’m not particularly motivated to learn. I CAN do it but have no interest in it and would prefer to ignore it until someone comes in who can do it for me. My partner can do a lot of those things so it gives me great relief because I don’t have to focus on them. In contrast I deal with the bills and financial stuff and business stuff because I’m better at handling that and he’s terrible at it.

    In what areas of life can you manage well on your own? In what areas of your life would you like help?
    I guess like I stated above.

    What things do you dislike doing? What things do you enjoy more than others?

    What goals, aspirations, or plans do you have for the future? How did you come to have them?
    Mostly my career goals mentioned in the first part. I also plan to one day travel around the world and visit certain places again (I got to go on study abroad when I was younger and it was great) when my finances are stable. So even though that’s more of a dream I figure that one day I’ll be able to get there.

    If you had enough money to live comfortably for the rest of your life without working, what would you do with your time?
    Probably travel, eat new foods, work on my creative things like writing, or work on my hobbies full time like researching things, creating theories about things, gaining knowledge in herbalism and crafting new herbal concoctions (my dream would be to gain enough pharmacology knowledge to combine the natural holistic and pharmacology craft together and make natural remedies that are guaranteed to work and maximize benefit similar to the products currently on the market), and probably just study paganism and ancient polytheism cause I find it fascinating.

    What traits do you find endearing that others might dislike? What traits are considered positive/neutral by others but tend to annoy you?
    Me talking too much too fast about random topics and getting excited over things. I guess…. people not having much energy and doing nothing all day? Like it’s not a bad thing but it’s just also kind of not the lifestyle I’d want for myself. It’s okay for a little downtime and chill but not for all the time.

    What kinds of things do you do to manage and/or beautify your environment (your room, your house, etc.)? What do you think of daily chores?
    I don’t. I mostly ignore my home environment. I also try to avoid doing daily chores and only do chores I absolutely have to.

    How do you behave around strangers?
    Mostly quiet and reserved cause I’m kinda shy. If I meet an interesting person though I open up and start getting more expressive and talkative. Otherwise I look quiet and kind of polite I guess? Like at work I probably give off an image of a respectable, boring, quiet person cause I’m not really very interested in anyone there and it’s not a comfortable environment for me.

    How do you react to conflict? What do you do if somebody insults or attacks you?
    I react confused actually. People don’t really have conflicts with me so I’m always confused when it happens. If someone actually laid hands on me I would lay hands on them back. I don’t let people hit me and get away with it.

    What is one common misconception that people have about things? Explain why it is wrong.
    That humans are the center point of the world. It’s a very egotistical view. We’re not. We’re merely a facet in the overall universe but during our time here on this planet we’ve molded the Earth around us and our needs and it’s very arrogant and illogical tbh when you think of the effects everything we do has on everything else within the global sphere.

    What did you do last Friday?
    Uh… (I actually had to look at the calendar to see when Friday was) I worked and then got off work and I went to the dispo for my bf to surprise him with a gift and ran some errands and then didn’t do much and relaxed after that.

    What is your biggest accomplishment?
    This is going to sound silly because I don’t feel that I’ve accomplished anything I want to in my career yet so I can’t list that… but when I was a teenager I was on a forum called Darkmark for Harry Potter and I was in the Ravenclaw house and I created a debate thread to debate silly things like spaghettios or ravioli (okay idk if we actually debated that but it was stuff like that) and our mascot was a penguin and it was the most fun I’ve ever had and I was really proud because I came up with the idea for that and modded it myself.

    What is something you regret?
    Anything I did during my mental health flare ups where I wasn’t taking care of myself and acted out in extreme ways and I couldn’t control it. It’s under control now but it was extreme during those times.

    Who do you admire, and why?
    I used to admire my Mom for her persistence and perseverance but that took a nosedive when I realized how many issues she had underneath the surface as I got older. I guess I admire people who are genuine and truth and not unethical or contradictory in how they treat people and say on the surface what they really mean. And then people who can survive and get through hardships and come up even when they’re knocked all the way down.

    What's been on your mind? Has anything been worrying or concerning you? What problems have you encountered lately?
    Life. Life not being what it’s supposed to be or what we were told it was when we were younger. Dreams never being able to really become reality. Real life being against you and having to fight through constant obstacles rather than just exist and enjoy life and explore and thrive.

    What are your religious or spiritual beliefs and why do you hold them?
    Pagan. Unclassified spiritual. I’ve analyzed all sorts of spiritual systems and beliefs and believe that most of them never really get to the core or the root of spiritual phenomenon and are too focused on dogma. I think the truth can be found in the commonalities between the spiritual traditions rather than the differences. For instance that spirituality has something to do with the energy of the universe and that science has revealed a lot about the inner workings of the universe which would be “Gods” true design. I believe similar to what I’ve heard a Jewish scientist say, that God is science (and the overall energy in the universe), and that science is unveiling God’s true design. Just like energy never really dies, it just gets recycled, we’re all energy in the end and also just get recycled when we die. I don’t know if I believe there’s some higher spiritual consciousness or a reincarnation cycle per se when we die because I’m not certain that would be scientifically plausible, but there is some sort of an underlying system to the universe that we’re only just figuring out. I could go in more detail but that’d be way too long. I say “God” but I believe that monotheism actually limits our understanding of spirituality and it’s a lot more complicated than that tbh. I lean polytheistic.

    What are your political beliefs, and why? To what extent do you care about politics?
    Leftist. Mostly because I value equality and human rights and radical change > people’s fear of change and wanting to stick to the comforts of what they know. If someone won’t feasibly work, then just figure out a way to make it work. Don’t say it’s impractical and then reject the entire idea all together. The system need a reform and these are just ideas for ways we can go towards changing it.

    I’ve gotten more and more political as I’ve gotten older. Mostly socially political, because that affects me most. I’m not as well versed on economics to speak to the economics side of it although I also believe that needs reform.

    Would you ever be interested in starting a business? Why or why not? What role would you play in it? What kind of business would it be?
    No. Sounds boring. I wouldn’t want to deal with the managerial or administrative side in it.

    What kind of work environment do you prefer? What do you look for in a job?
    I want to go into research because I feel like it will 1. Allow me to be able to research and theorize professionally without it pulling away from the job duties I’m supposed to be doing. 2. I like social environments where I can interact with people but also work on things on my own. Like a good mix is nice. I don’t like environments where I’m too isolated or environments that are too chaotic that I can’t focus, although constant variety is nice. I just also want to be able to focus on and complete tasks without constant interruption, which is the frustrating thing at my current job.

    What is or was your favorite school subject and why?
    I liked all subjects. Seriously I was the smart kid in school. Only classes I didn’t like were government and econ. But when I went to college I eventually gravitated towards the social sciences and literature because it was more fascinating to study society. But I also really love medicine because I find it fascinating and love learning about how everything works. So if the two can be combined that would be my ultimate preference.

    How do you approach responsibility? What do you tend to expect of others?
    I think responsibility is important. I think dependability is important. I expect it of myself and others.

    Where did you go on your most recent vacation? What did you do there? How did you like it and why?
    I haven’t taken a vacation in like seven years because I lacked money. My last “vacation” was to the hospital. v.v

    What were you like as a kid? How have you changed since you were a child?
    Kinda spaced out. Imaginative. Dreamy. I had my own internal world going on inside my head. Partly why I became a writer. So I could get it out. Now I’ve become more practical and business minded as an adult. I like to “get things done” more than just dreaming about things and I’m a lot more go-getter and expressive than shy and reclusive.

    What was your high school experience like?
    Mostly boring. I was young when I went to high school so I didn’t have the typical high school experience.

    Talk about a significant event from your life.
    I feel like all the significant events in my life are traumatic and I’m not very inclined to talk about them. I’ll share one. How I came out of Christianity and into Paganism.

    So I already mentioned that I’m queer. My family was not accepting and Christianity turned from a safe haven where I could go to feel calm and spiritually enlightened to a space of oppression and abuse. I had Christianity forced on me like a weapon, was made to pray constantly, go to church constantly, my clothes were policed, I was told that I had to get with a straight partner and have sex in order to “straighten me out” and that I wasn’t being godly enough. I was constantly told that I was going to hell.

    It was really what led me to see that the beliefs of my family were fear-based rather than faith-based. They were so afraid they were even scared to question their beliefs and thought me blasphemous for asking simple questions of “why” or suggesting that what the pastor told them may not be accurate and I could contextually argue for it within the Biblical text.

    I started to see a lot of hypocrisy within the Christian community in general. This was a very common view within black Christians due to the state of our churches and our pastors and our communities and I realized that I couldn’t be a part of it.

    I started exploring other religions and eventually fell onto paganism because in the first introductory book I read it encouraged people to have independent thought. I think the words were “Question everything you hear/read. Even question what I tell you in this book. Come up with your own ideas/philosophy.” And I’d never heard that before in Christianity and it was so liberating and profound that I immediately started rethinking my own views on everything and did more exploration and experimentation and found my own style of spirituality that worked for me eventually. But yeah, I have a lot of critique for Christianity now because I think so much of it is taught as “blind faith” when really that’s cult-like mentality. Like why would you even do that? People need to be able to think for themselves.

    Do you like kids? Why or why not?
    They’re alright. I don’t particularly care for them and don’t particularly not care for them. I more don’t know what to do with them when I’m around them. Like they can’t really hold complex conversations yet so what do I do? I just am more at a loss when having to deal with one.

    If you were to raise a child, what would be your main concerns, what measures would you take, and why?
    I’d want to foster independent thought, freedom, knowledge, learning, debate and discussion and being able to hold and defend your own opinion, etc. as core value for the child. I’d want to make sure I also teach them not to take stuff from anyone and to find back or get even with people if they need to so no one messes with them in the future. I’d want to teach them to be tough and resilient so they can get by in the world.

    Ever feel stuck in a rut? If yes, describe the causes and your reaction to it.
    Yes. Mostly if I feel I want to get somewhere in life and I can’t. I usually try and bunch of things to get out of it and then if/when it doesn’t work I get depressed and despondent until other opportunities open up.

    How do you see other people as a whole? What do you consider a prevalent social problem? Name one.
    People as a whole are okay? I have no beef with them. I just am not overly interested in them either besides to analyze the social systems around us. A prevalent social problem would be economic disparities and people not being able to afford basic cost of living. I think that’s a vital one that has to be fixed.

    What do you do if you're not getting what you want? What approach do you use?
    I’m not certain what approach I use. I don’t think I have any standard approaches. I think I just size up the situation, see what options are available, if I don’t know any I try to google or ask around for options people have done in similar situations, and then I try one of them out and see what works. I try something until it sticks.

    Are you comfortable taking leadership roles? In what areas? Why or why not?
    Yes, but also no. Like I’m comfortable doing it if there’s no one else capable of the job and I’ll step in automatically if I don’t see anyone with capable leadership material… but it’s also a pain to lead and be in command and I’m much more comfortable just doing my own thing and letting others do their own things. This is part of why I wouldn’t necessarily want a managerial position.

    How often do you get angry? What kinds of things make you angry?
    I don’t get angry that often. I get irritable more often. My partner noticed my irritability seems to be connected to me not getting enough food or sleep, something I hadn’t noticed before. But also just small things like someone talking to me some kind of way or acting rudely towards me or not doing their job right and making it hard on me at work. I didn’t used to get angry at stuff very easily but now I get ticked off a lot more easily just because over time I’ve gotten a lot more fed up with things that are constant occurrences and I’ve started to notice a pattern in them.

    What is the best thing that happened to you during the past week?
    D&D sesh last night. Totally orchestrated it. Tried to organize everything perfectly but naturally individual people are disorganized and they screwed it up. But the people who did show up were awesome and we had a great campaign. I wasn’t DM. I was more like DM assistant, so I took care of all the technical details cause we have a modified campaign and I was keeping track of turn order and stats and stuff for the DM and assisting people with their modified characters but it was really cool. 10/10

    What is the worst thing that happened to you during the past week?
    Probably any time I’ve gone to work this week lmao. My workplace is crazy so they put too many responsibilities on us all at once and want us to meet quotas while accomplishing multiple things at the same time. Like I can’t answer phones that ring off the hook every 2 seconds (not exaggerating) and also type my regular pace of documents in the queue. It’s just not happening. It’s not humanly possible. And this is the issue with all the techs. They don’t have a very good system as far as dealing with both phones and queue workflow which is why it keeps happening and people are overwhelmed and stressed out. The management is kind of crap and I know that if I took over I could easily optimize the workflow. I’d input a mini call center with a queue holding system and have technicians work on just typing documents and some just on calls. Both would meet their quotas a lot easier and be able to do their jobs more efficiently without mistakes. But the bosses are idiots and just want to yell at everyone for “not doing their job correctly” when they don’t seem to realize the very system is flawed itself.

    What is the purpose of life? What do you find personally meaningful in life?
    Idk. I used to think the purpose of life was success and achievement. Now I think the purpose and meaning of life is just to find something meaningful to yourself and have a good time while you’re here cause you’ll die one day anyway. Don’t die and have wasted your life away on meaningless garbage that in the end will mean nothing once you die.
    I don’t know what I find meaningful in life. Maybe my partner? My pets? My friends? Having good experiences in life and learning more and more as I go.

    What is the most interesting place you have been, and why?
    Edinburgh. First of all it’s gorgeous. Second of all the castles and all the history there. Third, the people are totally cool even though I couldn’t understand a word they were saying cause of the thick accent. Fourth, Irn-bru is like the best drink ever and I wish they had it imported here in the States.

    I went there for a weekend trip when I was studying abroad in London and idk it just felt so rich in history and had an absolutely gorgeous landscape that we don’t have most places here in the States and it was easy to see the magic of the UK and all its history and fairytales and why the ancient cultures there had nature gods. Like it makes sense that you would find kinship with the earth there.

    How do you dress or manage your appearance?
    When I have to go out to see friends I usually either dress up like a peacock and show off and stunt myself. Or I dress super casual. Depends on my mood. If I’m feeling good I dress up. If I’m feeling normal or more down I’ll dress casual. Which is usually jeans and a T, maybe a hoodie.
    Only thing I do regularly manage my appearance is brush my hair, get it trimmed every now and then, and wash my face with acne medication. That’s it.

    Do you like surprises?
    Not really. I like to be able to anticipate everything. Surprises kind of irritate me if they’re unexpected. Good surprises I like obviously. But if it was something I was counting on and the person doesn’t come through, or if it’s a negative surprise, no I hate it. I can easily adapt to it; I just don’t like it.
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    Here's the video for V.I.

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