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Thread: How the Thinking Functions are like Spock

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    Default How the Thinking Functions are like Spock

    I have struggled with understanding this concept for years. However, after actually buying a puzzle game - Spock's Logic Puzzle Box (which I highly recommend) - I think I know the difference! With this in mind, who would then be thinking type: 'Spock' - with his rational, objective analysis for whom feelings cloud all logic. Who would then be feeling type: 'McCoy' - who is guided by emotion at the expense of all rationality. I therefore find that thinking types are often confused with feeling types who are guided by strong negative emotions. Stormy, aggressive feelings used to shoot down others who have positive feelings, or those who you simply don't like should actually be considered a function of feeling. Why? Because thinking is about maintaining objectivity regardless of how you feel. If you have extraverted thinking, you don't let your feelings get in the way of your objective, factual analysis of people and things. Therefore, you might strongly dislike someone, but if the facts say that they are right, you will politely take their side. If you have introverted thinking, feelings are put aside in favour of a subjective analysis of a situation. Just like with extraverted thinking - you may not like someone, but you will admit that they are right because their ideas ring true for you. Also, if thinking is your strongest function, it is not just that emotions are put aside in favour of thinking - they actually get in the way of any type of objective analysis, and you therefore have strong distaste for them. I have now realized that I have some access to introverted thinking. However, I have seen way too many times in this theory people who are just filled with negativity and abuse being called 'thinking types' because they have strong negative emotions. If someone is a 'thinking type', their emotions would actually get in the way of their objective logic and analysis - including any negative emotions. I therefore think that typing such people as 'thinking types' is a mistake. What do you think?
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