Everything in our official site statistics show most site visitors are guests, yet a publicly-viewable thread on the welfare state gets thrown down the memory hole. How can our guest readers trust us after that? The implications are much deeper. People like @Subteigh, @Socionics Is Not A Cult, and I say "the16types.info is not a cult" joking it is a cult. However, the joke is only funny because it's not entirely true. I believe the16types.info, or as it should now be called, the16types¨info (not-info rather than dot-info, because now there's no info on 16t), is better as an example of totalitarianism. @Singu, for all the pointlessness of debating and always bringing up Popper, at least is right in being viscerally alarmed by what he sees. Let's look at Hannah Arendt's words on the subject:

While I believe giving people types is great, reducing people to types makes them unnecessary as people since they're just types and not even exemplars of types since they get "battle-typed." Likewise, most people here don't even care if socionics is true, which would be fine if they'd not also take it so seriously, or work on proving it if they did. I don't think anyone here believes much anything either. Of course, the whole deleting posts thing is a red flag. Additionally, not using other sites is totalizing by definition. Not even Facebook bans you from using Twitter.

So, do you believe the16types.info is an example of totalitarianism? Why or why not?