I have always been a bit critical about the Reinin dichotomies, but the one that has consistently itched me the wrong way was the aristocratic/democratic dichotomy. It just doesn't match my observations and reeks of NT bias. Particularly this oppositions(from sociotype.com):

Inclined to use expressions that generalize group features &inclined to perceive and define themselves, and others, through groups they belong to(aristocrats)
Not inclined to use expressions that generalize group features & Perceive and define themselves, and others, primarily through individual/personal qualities(democrats)

What I see SFs do:
- say stuff like "in my country/family/religion, WE do things this way"(vs NFs that say "in my country/family, things ARE done this way")
- rarely questioning and actively pushing their belief systems onto others, "you must have an income in life", "you really should try this vegan sausage", "women should be there for their family", "we should be able to retire at 60"

What I see NTs do:
- divide the world into "the smart ones" and "the dumb ones" and spend their whole life trying to defend their position as a "smart one".
- give themselves to power to divide people into different thinking paradigms (the democrats, the liberals, the humanists, the religious, the atheists, the free thinkers) and won't accept to be challenged on them (I suspect that that's why they hate "SJWs" so much). They seem to see these classifications as integral and unchanging parts of who they and other people are. It never seems to cross their minds that STs or NFs will just pretend to adhere to a school of thought just for the perks associated to it. For example when I discuss politics with NTs, they really want think that people in parliament believe in left-wing or right-wing ideas, even when they know that politics are just demaguoges.They also seem not to accept/judge people who use individual abstract classifications that are different from theirs(NFs or STs would go "you perceive yourself as non-binary? Ok here you go, that's not my thing but just do as you want, i don't give a f***").
- have a weird conception of individual action: they think it should be representative of some absolute law all the time. Will interpret all your actions through their preferred ideology.

All in all, I think that democrats attribute group identities as much as aristocrats, it's just that the group identities are about thoughts/procedures instead of feelings/social behaviour. In "democratic" society, you have to comply with social pressures(SF) to appear "like everyone should be"(NT). SFs will pressure you into their NT ideology at any cost. You can't find meat in a "vegan restaurant" because that's against the owners principles("what? you don't care about saving the rainforest?"). You can't be a transgender, because "there was a reason you were born like that". You have to go to church, celebrate chrismas or whatever just because your family does. If you don't conform to the abstracted idealized thinking/social structure of your culture, you become an outcast. In "aristocracy", no one will decide your social life for you or judge your principles on ideological grounds as "wrong thinking" and impose theirs.

Even the labels in this dichotomy show this bias. To me, the "we are the ones who believe in democracy and egality while you don't" is just as much a preachy imposition of a thought framework as the "we are the pure/good ones, follow us" NF-stuff is to NTs. Some aristocrats believe in equality/democracy, some don't. It's a PERSONAL responsibility to chose those kinds of beliefs in aristocracy.