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Thread: 64 types?

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    Default 64 types?

    Don't know why, but I was thinking about the Donald Trump thread and kind of think 64 types makes a more complete picture.

    For example, I think SEE can have 4 types, along with all the other types.

    SEE types

    Just neurotic
    SeFe <-> Fe (demonstrative) > Te (mobilizing) - Fe focused
    This type is a heavy extrovert, hasn't developed introversion well, probably falls in line with SEE-Se subtype. High neuroticism, but high agreeableness, so still has high SEE charm.

    Neurotic and more like their kindred type
    SeTe <-> Te (mobilizing) > Fe (demonstrative) - Te focused
    This type is also a heavy extrovert, hasn't developed introversion, but has low agreeableness and high neuroticism. Doesn't really match socionics descriptions because this type is disagreeable. i.e. Donald Trump. Comes off more SLE.

    Lack of identity
    SeSi <-> Si (observing) > Ni (suggestive) - Si focused
    This type is more balanced in extroversion/introversion, has developed Fi, but hasn't developed their valued Ni side. Doesn't really match socionics descriptions because this type probably appears more SEI-Fe than ESI-Se. Low neuroticism, but probably less of a strong sense of identity.

    low neurotic, high identity
    SeNi <-> Ni (suggestive) > Si (observing) - Ni focused
    This type is balanced in extroversion/introversion and has developed the valued Ni, Fi functions. Probably matches the SEE-Fi subtype. Has a good sense of identity and probably matches socionics descriptions pretty well. And things like Reinin dichotomies probably fit fairly well. Probably has more in common with ESI-Se types.

    I have no idea if this is related abstractly to Gulenko's DCNH or not. Maybe someone could clear that up or buy his book, thing about it for awhile, and tell me?
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    Gulenko has the core 16 types, which don't change over your life, your subtype, which may change every few years, and your "functional profile", which changes by context. I believe Gulenko says if all of this is taken into account, there are an infinite number of presentations of type.

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    I like this, build the theory

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