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Thread: Silke's mistakes on LSE subtypes

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    Default Silke's mistakes on LSE subtypes

    Silke made the mistake of classifying Sarah Kaufman as the Te subtype (why?). Sarah Kaufman is the Si subtype. The Te-subtype is never as versatile as she is and Te-subtype women are excessively sensitive and never that competitive nor well-coordinated nor publicly outspoken. It should be obvious from reading her twitter page that she's the Si subtype.

    Silke incorrectly classified Christopher Hitchens as LSE-Te (why?). Christopher Hitchens was the Si subtype. The Si subtype is more charming, adaptable, observant, better at deductive logic (unlike the Te-subtype, they always seem process and negativist), more articulate, combative with people they don't know, and is usually heavier, and better-looking and has better social skills while actually liking people less and has better memory. Christopher Hitchens was all of those things. The Te subtype is never a public intellectual and they're nowhere near as quick and adaptable and funny while simultaneously being not ugly/stupid-looking. The Si subtype is more elegant/feminine. the Te subtype is pretty routine. The Si subtype is more in control of their emotions. The Te subtype doesn't usually care to compete (the Si subtype is the opposite), and is too tolerant of over-conformity (the Si subtype is the opposite) and they're nowhere near as creative and even if they are creative, they're not as elegant.

    Arthur Conan Doyle was probably the Si subtype. Why did Silke say he was the Te-subtype?

    One of the most visible contrasts ever between the Si-subtype and the Te-subtype is shown in the Presidential debates of 2000 between Gore (Si-sub) and Bush (Te-sub). Gore was more combative, didn't plan as much (Bush held his hand out to shake his hand while Gore waited), more flexible (Bush kept getting stuck on certain things and he was nowhere near as direct, e.g., it took him forever to counter Gore's very dishonest and vague statement that his tax cut proposal was for "the wealthiest one percent" and when he did it he was too agreeable), more elegant, had a no bullshit attitude, more articulate, more detailed, and more objective/impersonal, less oriented to the American people and more to the topics, situations, and facts than Bush was. Gore was highly Open to Experience while Bush was not. The Si subtype is often mistaken for ILI-Te (for which many people have mistaken both Hitchens and Gore but it's obvious that Hitchens and Gore are driven by Ne and not Ni-valuing) at times, I guess because both have great associative memories and the way they argue and criticize with their wit.
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