I'm going over these descriptions of alpha and gamma values to determine on which side of the divide I fall. Comment on this process as you see fit. Or don't.

Types I'm considering are ILI and LII, with a slight alternative possibility of some delta or beta introvert type.

Alpha: ILE (ENTp), LII (INTj), ESE (ESFj), SEI(ISFp)

Alpha is characterized as Judicious, Merry, and Democratic by
Reinin dichotomies

Valued elements:

Ti and Ne

  • Alpha types are inclined to discuss highly theoretical concepts as a source of intellectual stimulation and fun rather than for their practical merits.

Intellectual stimulation, yes. Fun? Not so much. Practical merits: maybe by a very broad definition of "practical". My patience has major limits but I don't draw the line at practicality most of the time.

  • Alpha types tend to value logically consistent beliefs and ideas, and behavior that is consistent with personal values.

This sounds very generic to me and something almost anyone intelligent would agree with.

  • Alpha types typically follow through on their ideas in the form of group activity.

I have a preference for getting stuff done myself and not creating unnecessary dependencies on others. Probably also related to introversion and NT club.

Fe and Si

  • Alpha types tend to enjoy participating in groups where there is free exchange of positive emotional expression in an atmosphere pleasing to the senses.

I feel like I agree with this to the extent almost anyone would and not any more specific sense than that. I mean, given the choice would anyone prefer to discuss things with a bunch of screeching harpies in a slime pit.

  • Alpha types are inclined to discuss stories told in detail and according to the sequence in which events happened, rather than "jump to the point" quickly.

  • Alpha types are inclined to show affection for others in the form of small practical services or gifts.

None of this is really my style.

  • Alpha types tend to feel energized in the positive atmosphere of special events, such as public holidays, parties and special celebrations.

Hard pass; such occasions often make me feel uneasy.

Subdued elements

Se and Fi

  • Alpha types prefer to avoid the discussion of controversial and unpleasant subjects regarding personal relationships while in groups, especially if leading to confrontations.

I generally avoid the hassle of confrontation, but do so out of expedience and mental restfulness, not fear or more general aversion. I'm good at verbally defending my positions when the situation calls for it and can enjoy it surprisingly much; it's just a trump card I like to keep in hand until the moment of need arrives.

  • Alpha types are inclined to be tolerating of minor past misdeeds by others, giving priority to reconciliation and a convivial atmosphere.

I'm pretty tolerant and forgiving, but it's not the atmosphere that concerns me. More like my desire not to get entangled in messy everyday affairs. I do keep something of a mental note of a person's character and let it affect how eager I am to interact with them.

Ni and Te

  • Alpha types are less likely to make investments that require long-term commitment and upkeep. They prefer short-term investments that offer a reliable outcome with minimal involvement.

Here's the first thing I kind of strongly agree with, but I suppose it could be an IP temperament thing.

  • Alpha types avoid taking direct life advice, preferring to experience and learn for themselves. They perceive people who try to give such advice as pedantic.

I do dislike getting life advice and will typically discard it. Mostly because it's naive to think you can generalize over something as complex as a human life. This is partly just the NT type arrogance of not simply accepting that someone's ability to generalize can supercede my own.

Group behavior

Inclination for comfortable and pleasant group atmosphere, in the emotional, sensorial, and intellectual aspects.

Not a fan of the "pleasant group atmostphere" thing. Again I don't seek out negativity for the sake of it, but the emphasis seems without merit here. The word "group" is especially dubious.

An ideal Alpha group situation is the exchange of light-hearted jokes while discussing imaginative ideas, movies, or sometimes sports, all while enjoying pleasant food and drink.

OK here we get to some stuff that actively irks me. I'm allergic to jokes and have a very testy relation to food and drinks. I'm selective about them on the basis of factors other than mere taste. I tend to regard movies and sports conversations as filler that serves as stepping stones to more interesting topics. They can start to irritate me when dwelled on too long.

Narrating personal experiences usually takes the form of telling a joke; funny personal experiences are preferred over "serious" ones.
The exchange of sober concrete details are avoided. If the group is playing a game together, the fun and jokes that go along with it are at least as important as the game itself.

Please no. I'm serious as fuck.

They avoid generating "heavy" moments; any dramatic expressions are limited in time, most often in service of a joke. Alphas are also perhaps the most likely types to participate in group use of mind-altering substances.

I do avoid drama for reasons previously mentioned. Admittedly feigned confrontation is one of the few joke formats I appreciate. I rarely do drugs.

Alpha discussions tend to go off on tangents, in whatever direction seems most interesting or funny at the moment. Unusual personal observations are common, resulting from the analysis of the idiosyncrasies or inconsistencies of everyday life.

Not particularly averse to this part.

If many in the group share the same observations, they are likely to express their agreement emphatically, so as to create a kind of "mental harmony" which enhances the group dynamic. If a new problem is encountered, it is expanded and developed in as many ways as possible, until some kind of satisfactory conclusion is reached.

This is getting a bit abstract... I don't feel particularly drawn to this. I guess in all groups there is a continual attempt to find common ground, but I don't see the point for this especial emphasis. I generally prefer agreeing to disagree over forcing a concensus in place. Developing ideas to find synthesis can be worthwhile but my patience has limits. I'm generally averse to debates because they tend to go on forever.

Alphas make no distinction between "insiders" and "outsiders", easily drawing people into a conversation once it has begun — though they tend to just as easily withdraw if the person is not receptive.

This part is... not terrible. I'll give it a reserved yes.

Likewise, they prefer to have the same behavior at work as at play; they find formal speech and dress to be pretentious, unnecessarily limiting, and even ridiculous.

Again I'm fine with this part. Formality is not my thing.

Alphas dislike the idea that there is something going on "behind the scenes", preferring to keep things (especially personal motivations) as open and straightforward as possible.

When it comes to personal relations I would say this fits me. As mentioned before, I'm not into drama.

Romance styles

Romantic relationships usually evolve from sharing activities and interests for fun in a two-person version of the group behavior description above. Priority is given to keeping the partner happy in the sense of a good mood and amused on a daily basis, with avoidance of direct accusations or unnecessarily harsh criticism; relationships are seen as a source of day-to-day fun and happiness.

Again not really feeling this emphasis on fun and happiness. I have complex ideas on happiness and aren't inclined to take its existence in a non-meta sense as a given. Meta-happiness is often reached by confronting challenges or even embracing loss.

Focus on remembering dates of particular significance and celebrating them.


Playful interactions are based around light teasing and making the partner laugh; intimate atmospheres are based on generating a comfortable, welcoming, cozy atmosphere.

Again a very wrong emphasis to say the least.

Perception of other quadras

  • Beta: Alphas tend to regard Beta types as "cool" and fun, although "fun" with a bit of an edge, and too often inclined to be a bit bossy; in social situations Alphas usually resign the lead to Betas on the basis that Betas "care more." At work, Alphas are inclined to regard Beta types as too single-minded and rigid.

I don't care much for coolness and fun. Resigning lead to those who "care more" could be accurate, but could be an IP temperament thing, as could be the aversion to single-mindedness and rigidity.

  • Gamma: Alphas tend to regard Gamma types warily, as stand-offish and emotionally cold or even hostile, especially in work situations, as well as inclined to play favorites with those they know better or are attracted to. Alphas tend to see Gamma types as too harsh in their words and generally unimaginative, boring, and too worried about the future, as well as having a mean streak of unforgivingness and vindictiveness.

I don't mind coldness. Hostility, vindictiveness and playing favorites (without good reason) would be another matter (see aversion to drama).

  • Delta: Alphas tend to regard Delta types as kindly and creative, but a bit too serious in their ideals and principles and too demanding of the same from others.

As said before I'm not averse to seriousness.