So my old (ICONIC) thread is ancient history and Iím feeling jolly and bored so hereís a new thread where we can talk about my favorite subject: Me.

Iím not going to go with any questionnaire bullshit because I think that structural way of typing is fake and useless. Also no videos because I donít like talking to thin air. Instead, Iím just going to give yíall some interesting facts.

Iím very social and like to break people out of their shells if I find them interesting. But I know when to prod and when to step back.

Iím adventurous and an adrenaline junkie and always up for anything random.

One time I ran away from home for four days, partied the whole time, almost died.

I have three dents in my car, two from driving high, one from letting a drug dealer drive my car.

I have two tattoos and Iím looking to get more. Right now Iím interested in getting an ankh tattooed and also Ďeternal lifeí in Arabic - الحياة الأبدية

Iím strongly a dog person.

I like riling people up and feeling in control over the social situation, and as you might know from the old thread I can be an attention whore, but Iíve gotten a lil better with that.

Iíve been in a mental hospital four times, I have bipolar disorder, anxiety and ADHD.

Iím pretty much nocturnal.

I smoke cigarettes and weed.

I have a shit ton of acquaintances but only a few close friends.

Iím really sexual.

Iíve been in many relationships.

I love to wear eye catching clothes.

I went to rehab.

Sometimes I lie to make things more interesting but my life is already interesting without doing that.

Iím attracted to the seedy parts of life and people.

Iím a wise dumbass.

I love all kinds of music but right now Iím really feeliní this:

I love to party.

I have type 1 diabetes.

Iím bisexual.

I have strict parents.

I work hard and spend most of my time at work but Iím also lazy and messy.

I have sloppy handwriting.

My current goal is to move out of the suburbs and to the city with my best friend and do whatever the fuck I wanna do.

I believe in reincarnation and some conspiracy theories but I donít believe in God.

I like laughing and making people laugh.

I hate math with a passion.

I hate being told what to do.

Iím pretty scattered.

Iím bad at practical things like cooking, cleaning, mechanics, taking care of myself, sports, etc.

I have no patience.

Itís really hard to shock me and Iím more often the shocker.

I like pooping.

Iím nearsighted.

I used to be a chronic shoplifter.

I have liberal views but generally donít care about politics.

I love spider monkeys.

And thatís all I could think of for now! Thanks for reading! Feel free to include enneagram too. Drinks on the house for everyone.