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Thread: Switch genders to have a better life

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    @End I'm not sure as I haven't watched much or any anime recently. The only one I can think of is Mikasa. Like my post if I'm right?

    Quote Originally Posted by FreelancePoliceman View Post
    Lol. I’ll choose not to interpret that as a backhanded compliment. (And anyway, is it really a stereotype of women to have a bad sense for fashion?!) ツ

    I was curious re. role models since you mentioned that you thought you turned out how you did because of societal expectations and all that. Would you say they were more general, undirected influences coming from society in general rather than specific people, then?
    I wouldn't say I turned out the way I did because of societal expectations point blank directly like that, more like everyone is influenced by them to an extent. There's also how much things resonate with you as an individual. For example when I was a kid, I would tie my barbies up naked with toilet paper and make gallows with my legos and rubber bands and torture them lol. My dad is an ILI and abhorred girly things, so it seemed like I absorbed and bended to his values to some extent, but on the other hand it must have resonated with me too. I was not similarly "influenced" by other primary caretakers of mine in such a way- in quotations again because it only worked as far as it resonated with me, for my case.

    If society really did influence me that much, then I'd be like Meghan Trainor (horrible) or Ariana Grande or another MK Ultra robot like that.

    So I would say it's both society and individuals, but within the limits of what resonates with you.

    Thank you for the question. Made me think.
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