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Thread: Confusing typings: Quasi-identical vs. Benefit

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    Default Confusing typings: Quasi-identical vs. Benefit

    Do you think it's easy to confuse Quasi-identical types? For me, it's much easier to confuse Benefit partners.

    It's true that quasi-identicals have two shared 4D functions, but Benefit partners have a shared 4D function and some shared quadra values. I don't think I'm alone—IMO people confuse EIE and ILE more than EIE / IEE or ILE / LIE.

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    The interaction:

    Differences that lead later assimilation
    Benefactor notices some lacking in their creative information -> gives feedback. Beneficiary considers it hastily and accepts. (Not present in QI)
    Beneficiary sees neediness in mobilizing activates benefactor type to be accepting and even acting similarly. (Not present in QI)

    Similarities where they are not good at

    Can not help you there the suggestive and PoLR. The beneficiary's PoLR gives some feedback and benefactor's suggestive says I'm the same. (Incapability might be present in QI)
    The beneficiary's ignoring + the benefactor's PoLR. When active does not give much thought to it but might give some suggestions but does not lead to resolving it. (Incapability might be present in QI)
    Benefactor's role might give some spark to beneficiary's mobilizing. Usually leads to disappointments in longer run. (Incapability might be present in QI)

    Benefactor demonstrative is capable of solving problems but beneficiary's role usually ignores the help. (Indifference might be present in QI)
    Beneficiary's creative information is not important to benefactor. (Indifference might be present in QI)

    Might be so or not. Usually depends on the settings.
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