Years ago, I was at a George Carlin show with a few friends. He was great and I laughed the whole way through the show. Then someone flashed a camera in his face. His response: "You flash that camera again and I'm going to stab you in the f**king neck." In socionics, this can only be classified as 'Se' - or at best, 'weak Fi/Fe.' Assume that this is not one instance, but an example of a regular, repeated pattern of behaviour (either way, logically, it doesn't really matter). In socionics, this is just someone 'exhibting Se' or 'weak ethical' functions', and whether the behaviour is healthy or dark is not relevant. There can even be something desirable about this, such that certain types are allowed to exhibit or pursue it. And that is one thing that bothers me about the theory. The dark triad of personality traits exists and I believe it has been proven empirically. Model A should not just sweep these traits under the rug, and simply assume that all behaviour is relative and therefore can be explained away. I also do not like that it is sometimes assumed in the theory that people who are moral in some way lack logical thinking. I find that there is ironically a basic lack of critical thinking on the part of the theory and the people who promote this assumption, as it is clearly not accurate. Anyway, I just think that there is something lacking in it, such that people shouldn't be rewarded for exhibiting dark traits such as cheating someone, or criminal behaviour, or stabbing someone in the back. Am I missing the boat here? Can someone please explain?