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Thread: Reincarnation

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    Default Reincarnation

    I'm trying to determine what remains stable and what doesn't during a person's subsequent lives/incarnations (assuming reincarnation is true). I've heard/read people claim they have had a different gender or race in a previous life. Just wondering if somebody thinks they have been a different type in a previous life.

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    I think it comes down to the question of what are you? If we are just infinite reverberations of the same energy playing out over and over and over, what is this energy that is being repeated? Without our memories, experience, culture, gender, race, or even type, what is left? What if we are reincarnated as something other than human and we don't even have the same species as a reference point? Individuality is a relational definition, with no reference point individuality becomes meaningless.

    There is one you, it is you here and now in time and space.

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    Depends on the specific brand/religion on past lives and reincarnation but with the church I have involvement with there is strong belief in past lives where you lived before as a man or woman many many times but while your body would be different, you are your soul not your body and as such you would be the same, carrying on gained weaknesses and strengths from each life to the next, so based on this I would assume your personality type remains the same. Your spirit is a specific sex but body can be either (details not discussed in length on this) but race would be different though I don't know if your spirit has a race, as not discussed at all, but doubtful about it.

    I don't believe in past lives at all, just going off what is taught on it.

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