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Thread: Is it just me or are there more female ILE-Ti than male ILE-Ti?

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    Default Is it just me or are there more female ILE-Ti than male ILE-Ti?

    To me it seems like there are way more ILE-Ti females than male ones. What do you think the female/male ILE-Ti ratio is? I was thinking 70F/30M.

    ILE-Ti is the sexiest type to me, always has been, the long narrow faces, the slender jaws, the long legs, large breasts, the usually large noses, they're a type more likely to naturally have an apple-shaped figure (along with EIE-Ni, LSI-Se, and SLE-Ti in that order), strength of will, the gentleness of their movements and voices, their dominance, hyperactivity, their daring actions, their callousness, ability to rapidly and accurately perceive spatial relations, their farts and not being ashamed of it and on peoples' heads in between their legs, the taking photos of themselves shitting while making sexy faces, the facts that they're type least vulnerable to dementia and to bipolar mania/depression, the fact that they never get lost in new environments, their ability to figure out how to use any unfamiliar equipment quickly, their pants outlining their often flat buttocks, the way they look when they laugh.

    SLE-Ti a second but they're not as feminine and their logic isn't anywhere near as good.
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