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Who are the "left-wing extremists"? Eco-terrorists? Revolutionary communists?

Right-wing killings eclipsed all other extremist-related murders in 2018. The numbers don’t lie.
In 2018, at Least 50 US Deaths From Surging Right-Wing Extremist Attacks
Right-Wing Extremism Linked to Every 2018 Extremist Murder in the U.S., ADL Finds

- 17 people killed in Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh
- In 2018, domestic extremists killed at least 50 people in the U.S
- In 2017, 37 people were killed
- In 2016, 72. In 2015, 70.
- The majority of the murders were committed by white supremacists, with a smaller number perpetrated by anti-government extremists and extreme misogynists who identify as "involuntary celibates" or incels.
- Only one of the 50 murders had any connection to Islamist extremism — and even then the perpetrator had ties to white supremacy.

- 51 people killed in New Zealand Christchurch Mosque shootings
- A white supremacist at a Veterans Affairs home in Tennessee allegedly set his African-American roommate on fire, then boasted about it to a white supremacist group.
- Another Pittsburgh white supremacist was charged with stabbing an African-American man to death

The right-wing extremists have actually been killing dozens of people in-discriminatory via mass-shootings, etc, while the "left-wing extremists" are calling people racists on YouTube. And we're supposed to care about left-wing extremists more because they're more dangerous. Right.

If you still think that the problem is left-wing extremists, then either you're very naive or very disingenuous.
I am not saying that right wing extremists are not a problem and that left wing extremists are the only problem. I acknowledge that right wing extremists have higher death tolls and physical violence than left wing extremists. However, the issue is let's not ignore left wing extremism just because right wing extremism exists. The problem is that both left wing and right wing extremism need to be remedied.

However, left wing extremism is often ignored by the media and the general public because it supports the social narrative. Let's acknowledge that both right wing extremism and left wing extremism are serious problems that need to be addressed. Just because right wing extremism is worse in terms of death tolls and physical violence doesn't mean that we can suddenly ignore and/or accept left wing extremism.

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I think it shouldn't have been done. I don't care that he was milkshaked, but it's obviously bad to physically attack people.

Whether he deserved it is, I think, besides the point. Maybe he rapes puppies. Maybe Calvinists are right and we all deserve eternal suffering, and by beating Ngo up the protesters were executing divine judgment. But the fact is that I'm not very familiar with what sort of person he is, and even if I were, I wouldn't feel qualified to make any sort of normative judgment of this sort.
Well, at least we agree that he should not have been attacked. From what I know of him, he's a conservative reporter that tried to cover a story on ANTIFA and that was the extent of it. I have not heard of him doing anything malicious to deserve being physically attacked: