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Thread: Newbie says hi

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    Default Newbie says hi

    Just made an account here; it says I should post something so hello. I have been interested in typology off and on for a few years now. My first interest was MBTI and then I got into socionics, and for the most part being sure of my type, there are always times when I have doubts! I have viewed this site before to read up on it's many resources but never made an account 'till now. Today I am bored so figured why not! Also maybe being denied access to something because I wasn't a member had something to do with it, haha.

    In the past, I've not been as active in discussing the ideas of the system with others, moreso just learning about it for my own sake. I don't know anyone irl that is interested in this kind of stuff but I think I would learn even more to interact with others who are also interested in the theory, plus it's more fun that way so I am happy to be here, though can't say how often I'll be posting teehee. See you around. -an IEE

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    Chrysalis says welcome.

    Welcome to the Halls of Valhala.
    "Lecteur, as-tu quelquefois respiré
    Avec ivresse et lente gourmandise
    Ce grain d'encens qui remplit une église,
    Ou d'un sachet le musc invétéré?

    Charme profond, magique, dont nous grise
    Dans le présent le passé restauré!
    Ainsi l'amant sur un corps adoré
    Du souvenir cueille la fleur exquise"
    Charles Baudelaire

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