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Thread: Hi, I need your help me to figure out my type please ? (:

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    Smile (Video) Hi, I need your help me to figure out my type please ? (:

    Hi everyone ! ^^


    So I'm new here, I come from MBTI and enneagram lands (self certified and 100% sure to be an INFP 9) to discover the wonderful land of socionics. As you may had understand I struggle to find my socionics type. (I try to forget MBTI to do this to totally start from the beginning with socionics.) I would be glad if you could help me ! I relate in parts of EII, IEI and even IEE and SEI (even if I'm an introverted and more of a dreamer but who knows ?) (; I relate more with Delta and Alpha quadra, and with the IP temperament. ( I don't really see myself as rational " serious and prepared as IJs seem to be...) I 'm more go-with-the flow, random, "every thing gonna be all right", disorganized, lalala ! xD

    So here some inputs of myself, I'll try to make it not too long and random ! (Since I'm not the most logical, methodic and concise mind ah ah !)
    I'm introverted (with little parts of ambiversion) Being with people doesn't drain me that much, but I still love my time for me. I don't have many friends. I spend most of my time with my boyfriend and my family. In general I prefer small groups (of course not with my boyfriend or very very close friends !) I hate forced solitude. It can makes me sad and frustrated. But even if I'm introverted I love to be on stage as an member of a non professional theater company.
    I feel my emotions deeply, I can feel easily vexed, frustrated, personally hurt. But, as an enneagram 9 (who hates conflict, who wants harmony) I try to not be dramatic. I dare to be more "reactive" with my closed ones. (But hum, for example when I was little at school when others children mocked me I reacted violently (screaming, insulting, crying...) I have morals, I know what I like or dislike. Often I struggle to understand why people don't see things like me. And I can be kind of annoying at this regards, mostly with my loved ones ! xD My feelings can often be read in my face. I feel more often happy, content. I hate bad feelings, I deny them. I respect others feelings and want mines to be respected as well. I think I'm rigid for my idea and opinions (what I like and dislike) but very adaptable and open-minded. I will totally don't make a fuss if a plan is modified. (I don't really make plans, so ! :p ) I don't know if I'm good to keep meaningful and deep friendships... I'm a mess in general to have deep conversations. I often feel like I don't have interesting things to say... The person with who I feel more at ease for that is my boyfriend. I like deep conversations but small talk doesn't bother me. I try to always be polite and nice. I hate when can people have a bad view of me, rumors... I see myself as compassionate, but not empathic. I can be a shoulder to cry on, but I'm awful to give advice. I hate cold logical and practical when I feel bad. Just comfort me, make me smile or laugh, I don't care for cold advices. I can feel stressed If I feel for example that my boss is in a bad mood. I fear how she will talk to me, I fear to make something bad that will make here angry towards me...

    In relations, love and friendship I'm really loyal.

    People who just meet me would said that I'm shy, quiet, reserved and head-in-the-clouds. People who know me well would said that I'm kind, easy-going, smiling, dreamy, childlike, seeing the world with pink-colored glasses, kind of spacey, calm "too zen", rarely worried (but weirdly completely panic in certain stressful situations, unable to act), random, too lazy, and being able to appear serious at moments and funny/silly at others moments. I try to not take myself too seriously. I hate to think that I can be too serious or boring. ( But it's true that I show more my fun side only when I feel at ease. I think that for example in a concert when everybody screams that is a little bit weird and annoying.)

    My mind is kind of random and scattered. There is a big part of me who is not in the reality. I have a great imagination. I love to draw, read, write. I love fantasy. I can imagine myself being in a movie when I watch or think of one, or being at a singer place on stage. I can have few idea and randoms thoughts at the same time, or being totally absorbed by one thing. Once I don't mind being interrupt, once it makes me feel inconfortable. I'm easily distracted. People often tell me " pay attention !" I appear calm, lazy, slow, but internally I feel that I'm "speed", impatient, waiting for the futur. I can feel easily bored when something doesn't interest me. I struggle to patiently listen a long discours, for example. And even I have an interest I'm distracted at a moment: I watch a movie, it pleases me, but at a moment I need to take my phone and check Facebook... My concentration is not high. I have changed few times what I want to do in my life.
    I leaved different kind of studies and jobs.

    But I'm not really in search for novelty and experiment. I'm quite spontaneous, but I love the routine, also. Home sweet home. I just want to live a peaceful and happy life with my loved ones. I love simple things (go to the restaurant, go to the movies, a walk in the forest...) As an intuitive according to the MBTI, I don't feel completely different than sensors. I'm quite in tunes with the present.
    I don't think I appear as totally neat and proper, but I like to feel pretty, I put a bit of effort in it, but not to much. Even if I appear unaware of my surroundings, a little part of me pay attention to it. I appreciate beautiful things, smooth and cozy environnements. I love to design and decor my home. In clothes I have my one style. I can be disturbed by too loud noises, bad smells... I can be picky for the food. And I, normally, I guess, pay attention if I'm cold, hungry... But I'm not a big sleeper. And I don't really like to put my comfort away for work for example, I have a hard time going to work If I'm sick or doing something if I'm sick.

    I'm suck in every-day tasks, daily baisis. They don't simply don't interest me. I can do them If I want and If I put efforts in them, but yeah... I need a certain organisation and to prepare myself " today it's laundry, let's go". I can have a certain routine for that. I'm more "play and work after."
    I'm not pragmatic, logical and strategic at all. I use my heart and my guts, not my head. I'm awful at sciences, maths. I'm more literal, artistic I'm a mess for organized things. I suck to understand how to be efficient, how to manage a team... Sometimes I can be assertive, bossy, but it's not my better quality.

    I'm a mess with my body, sooo clumsy, my movements are not "flawing". (But I have high coordinations and dexterity problems, so it's why !) It's like I often don't know how to use it. At school I hated sport the most, because I was really awful and akward. I would have loved to know how to dance, but hum show a choreography or some steps I'm totally unable to do them ha ha !

    I'm so passive ! One of my flaws it that I count a lot to others people to do things, take initiatives. In groups and teams I feel like so lost in my mind and stressed when we need to do things, to be efficient. I'm often unable to follow processes that others wants. Alone it's better, I do things as I want, not worried about the processes, the result is the most important ! I can be sooo random and "well, why worry and put so much effort in it" and for certains things kind of perfectionist ( it depends, at work I'm little bit different. I try to be serious, meticulous, perfectionist because I don't want troubles, but it's not my true nature... I struggle to achieve my goals. I give up easily. I often have the impression that my efforts rarely pay... I rarely take initiatives but I'm always open when my friends propose to do something, except when it can make me feel not at ease, insecure, or if it can be dangerous (I'm not very adventurous.) I often need to be push away from my little comfort zone...

    So that's it, feel free to ask me questions if needed.
    Thank you in advance, see you ! ((: (and sorry for my english, I'm french !)
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