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Thread: Can you siphon anything from this?

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    Default Can you siphon anything from this?

    Thanks if you can help.....

    The Extended Questionnaire v3.0

    What do you study or do for a living? How did you come to do that? What do you like or dislike about it?
    I still haven't found what I 'should be doing' so what i'm doing right now/have done, unfortunately doesn't reflect my personality; only pays the bills/ contributes to savings

    What else do you do on a daily basis? What are your interests and hobbies? Why do you do them?
    Interests can change, I can be very into something, but then move on from that hobby/ switch to something else, and not pick up the old thing again; I guess I dont get too attached to my hobbies even if dedcate time/ effort to them

    What are your values, and why?
    I treat others with respect, and and expect to receive that from others.

    What do you look for in friends? In romantic relationships?
    Kindness/someone that will stick up for me/stand by me, as I will for them

    What conflicts have you encountered recently with other people? Why did they happen? Which kinds seem to happen on a regular basis?
    I dont tollerate rudeness very well, I wont lash out, I might not even say something straight away, but I definitely dont respect rude people

    What are your strengths? What do people like about you? What do you like about yourself?
    Ability to think of things/ see connections between things that others might not

    What are your weaknesses? What criticism do you often face from others? What do you dislike about yourself?
    I suck at detailed memorisation; I saw a look of dissapointed surprise on one Uni lecturers face when he handed back my first test paper (and realised it was mine) People that heard me speak in class were surprised to see how bad I do in tests that revolve around detailed memorisation.

    In what areas of life can you manage well on your own? In what areas of your life would you like help?
    I think i'm all good when it comes to making decisions; I definitely dont seek help with that. Maybe I need help with something that I'm unaware of
    yet : O (I know that we all could use help with something)

    What things do you dislike doing? What things do you enjoy more than others?
    I can't be bothered with routine tasks; I mimimise the effort that I put into those....
    I like having to come up with ideas for things/ potential ways of doing things.....

    What goals, aspirations, or plans do you have for the future, and why?
    I would like to solve something that hasn't been solved yet.

    If you won the lottery and didn't have to work anymore, what would you do?
    I would maybe have my own small business of some kind. I think that I would probably end up doing numerous things, but would love the fact that I can try out what I want, and not have to do a regular boring job....
    I'm sensible enough that I'm sure that I would not run out of money, if I won big....

    What traits do you find endearing that others might dislike? What traits are considered positive/neutral by others but tend to annoy you?
    I think that I tollerate people better, that others might find a bit wierd/crazy/unstable.... I have noticed other people move away, and I have been left alone listening to these people; but that is just in the moment...
    I automatically knew from when I was young to stop hanging around people that were going to get into a lot of trouble.
    I'm not much of a fan of 'banter' (putting down others for apparent sense of enjoyment of the group) a lot of people seem to like it, but 'That don't impress a me much'

    What kinds of things do you do to manage and/or beautify your environment (your room, your house, etc.)?
    I dont really pay much attention to this stuff....

    In what situations or times in your life did you feel most fulfilled, and why?
    Wierdly I don't know.....maybe I prefer to be working towards something???... Not that I feel unfulfilled....

    How do you behave around strangers?
    Depends on the situation I guess.... normal???

    How do you react to conflict? What do you do if somebody insults or attacks you?
    Its a very rare occasion as an adult, and even as I child as I'm a nice person, but last time a random person in the street wanted to attack me (he was probs on drugs, and came upto me from behind) I talked him down, but was ready to defend just incase....
    I've never attacked a person in my life, i'm a man of peace, but at the same time I don't fancy getting terminated out of the blue.

    Ever feel stuck in a rut? If yes, describe the causes and your reaction to it.
    I dont think so, I'm normally aiming to do something, I'm right now in a period of wondering what to do next (even if I have something of longer term potential going on in the background).....

    Would you ever be interested in starting a business? Why or why not? What role would you play in it? What kind of business would it be?
    Yes..... I think I would prefer it to be small and managable by just me (maybe also someone who is very close to me), to minimise complications, and then I could much more easily change if I wanted/needed.

    How do you dress or manage your appearance?
    Dont care that much, what ever does the job

    What were you like as a child? How have you changed since then?
    More serious now, but adult life is more serious, so thats normal. I have moved around a bit, so don't hang out with other people as much; also because i'm usually working towards something, rather than maximising my enjoyment out of life.

    Do you like kids? Why or why not?
    Kids are generally more chilled out than adults, so they would be fun to hang out with when its time to have fun, and I guess they would be more annoying when things are more serious?...
    depends on the kid I guess....

    How do you feel about attention? Do you seek it out?
    Definitely don't seek it, but my family stuck out where I'm from due to our hue, so there's probably some bias there.

    How do you approach responsibility? What do you tend to expect of others?
    I'm naturally responsible I think; I do expect colleagues to be responsible, but that's pretty normal....

    If you were to raise a child, what would be your main concerns, what approach would you take, and why?
    I would like to think that I would be raising a kid when I am in a good position in life; I would like to take into consideration the time and place.

    What is your biggest accomplishment?
    Hasn't happened yet!

    What was (or is) your high school experience like?
    Was very funny, there was no pressure, and I still got an A in Maths

    What is something you regret?
    I don't think in terms of regrets, even if things go 'wrong'

    Who do you admire, and why?
    Decent people

    What's been on your mind? Has anything been worrying or concerning you? What problems have you encountered lately?
    Just wondering what to do next/for now, but not worrying....

    What are your spiritual or religious beliefs and why do you hold them?

    What are your political beliefs, and why? To what extent do you care about politics?
    They all chat cr@p, but obviously I don't want to be hearing scumbags spout their nonsense on a daily basis

    What kind of work environment do you prefer? What do you look for in a job?
    Don't know yet....

    What is or was your favorite school subject and why?
    I enjoyed solving maths problems, sometimes liked drawing....

    What is one common misconception that people have about life? Explain why it is wrong.
    too subjective/biased for me....

    Where did you go on your most recent vacation? What did you do there? How did you like it and why?
    Barcelona; I enjoyed myself : ) (I know this doesn't tell you anything.....)

    How do you see other people as a whole? What do you consider a prevalent social problem? Name one.
    People are too different for me to answer....

    What do you do if you're not getting what you want? What approach do you use?
    Maybe try another method, if I really need the thing....

    Your friend bursts into tears. What do you do? How does it make you feel?
    Hopefully I can offer help....

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    You sound quite alpha. LII?
    Winning is for losers


    Sincerely yours,
    idiosyncratic type

    Your life is too short to actually do anything useful with it without being wasteful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Troll Nr 007 View Post
    You sound quite alpha. LII?
    Thanks for the feedback! I have definitely considered that, and LII would be my top choice of this Quadra for myself, I just was unsure if I was FI valuing or not, in terms of morals and considering others (not so much creating relations).

    Maybe I have paid more attention to my role, as I have got older....

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    Thanks Sol, I'm a bit private for this, but thanks anyway....

    Since an Alpha has suggested LII for me (And I had already highly considered that) I'm gonna roll with that for now....

    Will see If I can find and get to know an ESE

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    Quote Originally Posted by DELL View Post
    Will see If I can find and get to know an ESE
    To be sured in own type it's important to use for checking IR (intertype relations) theory effects - irrational impressions you get from people of concrete types. To find IRL people with suplementing functions, which are possible duals/semiduals is a part of this checking. Also IR - is what Socionics brings to Jung's typology, - to understand it on practice implies to communicate IRL with people of different types.

    As one of ways to check your IR effects can be used videos of people. My bloggers list (in the signature) and IR test may help you.
    Types examples: video bloggers, actors

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