It seems the maturity continuum shows itself very well here in INTjs. What do you think?

It is very easy (der) for an INTj to take the easiest course of action, and rationalize why they are being lazy. This thread is an offshoot of the INTj/Fitness one.

It seems like the real challenge for an INTj is being assertive and working hard. Figuring out how to motivate yourself properly is key.... and part of that is not 'waiting' for motivation, it is just doing it. I personally like setting up systems and schedules --- this seems to help me a lot. Like right now, I'm eating lunch, but after I'm done, it's work time.

I think an INTj setting up his own structure is very important. No one else can really do it, if it is true . So I would almost say that it is the INTjs responsability to clearly take time and set up things on his own, and not expect anyone to do it for him. Pretty obvious stuff that applies to everyone, but oh well.

Even more so, whatever it is, the INTj must figure out how to be consistent in getting things done, otherwise this could damage his psyche and foundation. Balance is essential... and I would suggest that 'getting things done' should be a very imporant part of the INTjs day. Actually seeing results and making progress in something. It is far too easy to just think all day long. BUt such a lifestyle would ultimately lead to ruin.