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Sometimes an angry intuitive is just an angry intuitive. Exactly what USA needs right now.

Thought he was out, and it turns out he is not. Would not have typed him otherwise.
The media intentionally don’t report on him. Elizabeth Warren is set to be the nominee, and the DNC and MSM will collude to support her exactly as they did with Clinton. She has the advantage of being solidly right-wing, but since for some reason she’s associated with Sanders’ progressivism despite having backed out of supporting any policy to the left of Nixon, she gets the support of milquetoast yuppies who vote based on sex and image rather than policy.

The one pleasure I have is knowing that if Warren gets the nomination, she’ll be destroyed by Trump in the debates. All Trump would have to do would be to call her “Pocohantas” a few times and she’d look like an idiot the rest of the night. But I think the DNC would rather Trump win than support Sanders.