I begin by introducing myself. My screen name is Pinchy and I am an SEE. I tested out as such in the official socionics test. I self type as one as well. I have been studying socionics for five years, but in no means am I an expert.
Full disclaimer: this post is from personal experience. But you already knew that.

Now, for the story.
I am dear friends with an ILI. Let's call him F. I am a student at the university he teaches. I just so happened to be interested in pursuing physics. He just so happened to be the adviser for all physic students. I decided to become a physics student by impulse, yet followed through one year of hard work. He was my mentor, confidant, and teacher. He still is, but our relationship is changing due to the fact that I switched over to English. The school that I go to allows for changed in major as long as I maintain a certain GPA and complete a certain number of credits.

He was the professor for introductory physics, but I knew him before then. I knew him the summer before, when I declared a physics major. My first impressions were that F was quiet and intelligent and polite. I don't know why, but I felt safe confiding in him the problems I was having. At that time, I was distraught about family drama. He comforted me. He silently listened as I sat across from him, a complete stranger. He didn't push me away, nor shy away from the situation. He helped me through it.

Time after time, he helped me through each mess that I made. As an SEE, I valued his input in practical, strategic matters. For example, I tell him that I want to do research. He tells me what to expect and who to talk to. I tell him I failed chemistry. I was crying in his office that morning. Crying. He told me to stop crying and that failing is part of life, that I should expect to fail. That sort of stoic, grim realism is what calmed me down. That's what makes ILIs so great. In exchange for his help, I showed interest in him. Don't let the past tense fool you--we are still friends.

I remember this one time a school mate tried to make him look like a fool, but I had F's back and kindly pointed that out. What happened was that the school mate didn't take the midterm, which was optional. But, to improve his grades, he made it seem that F lost his midterm so that F would give him an A. F really took him seriously. At that time, I was trying to get close to that particular class mate (he was too cute), but at that moment, I realized I was more loyal to F than to that class mate. I take loyalty seriously, especially as someone as precious as F. So, I said to no one in particular, 'something doesn't add up'. That was enough to draw suspicion to the situation. The class mate told me to shut up. To that, I responded that he was a liar. F didn't play a fool anymore.

Time after time, he has confided in me the problems he faces as an educator. The problems with his students, the ways they whine and complain. He gets frustrated. I explain to him through Se and Fi the social situation, and then calm him down, or what he should do next to improve his state. He follows through. I remember this one time he was saying that students complain about something. He said that but what he was really implying was that he felt responsible for them. My input was that they weren't being responsible students. That day, during lecture, F put into practice my input. A student was complaining about 'something' and F asked him, 'who's fault is that?'. The student then replied, 'mine'. F found a way to make the student responsible, using my advice!

A few problems I have is that he is hard to read. Really hard. He tries really hard to suppress his emotions, but as an SEE, I have a good eye for body language and emotions, so oftentimes I can tell what his emotions are. But there are times when I honestly can't tell. Like this one time, we were speaking to this classmate. I told her I was switching to English. He teased me and said told her I was a chicken. I replied that I knew what I was good for. He chuckled. That tease went over my classmates' head because she said something that was out of context: the class was going to miss me. I reacted by impulse and said that, no, there weren't. My thought was that the honest truth was that they didn't know me, I didn't know them, she didn't have evidence of a bond between the class and I that pointed to that statement. But then, I said that F wasn't going to miss me. After a beat, I said, maybe he will. And I looked up. He was staring at me. I didn't know what to think. I don't know what to think. Sometimes, I feel like there is an elephant in the room. Then, I think it's just all fun and games, nothing serious. I wish it could be serious. But with a stare like him, I can't read into that. I don't know whether what I feel is right, or not. Honestly, I will miss him. Of course, I can come into his office anytime I wish. But now it's summertime. I can't go into his office without other people getting ideas. Hell, I think that they already have. One time, a whole bunch of his colleagues saw us early in the morning chatting. One of them eyed us with suspicion. Then, the next week, when I tried to get help with homework, F rebuffed me and told me to seek help from the tutors. He had never done that before. Besides that, I was getting extra friendly, stopping by more often. But he was making mean comments and I felt that there needed to be some distance. So, I stopped being a 'regular'. I could only conclude two things: either he didn't want me to go to him for homework anymore, or that he didn't want me to go that often to his office anymore. I just wish that we could be friends and forget about office etiquette and go out for a coffee.

Why do SEE need an ILI? Because they are really smart and strategic people who put some sense into your crazy endeavors, who help you out of the mess you made, and keep you from going into a deep depression. (Honestly, he did that. After I failed chemistry, I was like, 'nothing matters. there is no point ---" and he finished the sentence!! He printed out an article about a girl in a similar situation as I as a pick-me-up. At that point on, I knew he cared. It was the thoughtfulness and the timing behind the gift that proved it to me.) Also, ILIs are funny. They are witty and ironic and can make fun of anyone. (His sardonic wit gets me every time. Not bashfully, I laugh, no matter who is around.) They don't try to tone you down or look at you crazy. In fact, they keep up with crazy pretty well. And they need you. You are a great social butterfly, and they admire that. They find that social Fi useful.

Why do ILI need SEE? Because we are fucking crazy and you love it. You are scared of it. But it makes you feel needed and loved, to know that such a hurricane pays attention to your insights. As much as you say that people suck and they should go away, you like that the SEE doesn't care and stubbornly sticks around because you can't tell 'em what to do. It only attracts them even more to you. (Literally, F was telling students to go away, but I stuck around on purpose to hear him say that to me so that I could tell him I wasn't going to leave. This other time during lecture he told me that he wasn't going to answer my question, but I told him that he was. And he did.) What you think drives people away actually attracts the ILI. The cynicism and soberness is finally appreciated. You like the way the SEE notices your idiosyncrasies and actually cares about them, guards them, compliments them.

So, there you have it. Enjoy.