This is my first pure story post. Neat.

Background. I'm LIE Ni variant. SLE/LSI is neat. He's an extremely competent person, but trying to prove to me and my other friend that smash ultimate is better than smash melee as use to show he's correct about smash melee being ditched for tournament play as a way to say my friend should play smash ultimate online instead of melee is kinda... Humorous.

I didn't want to say he's wrong. He's not. That one article does say it's worse, and other people are playing smash ultimate. Guarentee if I check the articles work, well see some questionable methods, though I ranked by metacritic and got same or similar result of smash ultimate being rated 93% instead of melee's 92%. Can you believe it, better by 1%. It's a rout. Friend cherrypicked data from that one article, then claimed people were leaving melee which other friend claims aren't. Hrrm.

My other friend is just doing both like most normal people. I didn't think he even cared about the argument. I just made the comment that we could play melee cause the one had a few controllers. Guess shame on me. Time to flagellate. Kidding. Still going to get a match of melee between them.

Sadly, I can't convince either of the two to back off. It's annoying. Now they have a grudge. And trust me, it's still there, they're just not talking to each other right now. The major issue with this is no 3 player game.

Skub sucks. Skub is a preference people argue over. Sometimes I love arguments over skub, sometimes I don't. This was a bad skub argument.

Too be fair, the one friend is a puritan, and the other is a rad skater dude, so it's kind of guarenteed to come to blows eventually over simple habits like cursing. Specially when the puritan does it, the complains about it. You can imagine what we argue over.

Don't know what the skater is. Probably INTj or something. We come to blows every so often on simple "I don't find what you talk about useful".

Neither of them are the best of friends to be honest, but we do similar stuff sometimes but they get each other. They're fine in a room if they keep their distance and nobody says anything controversial. I have to leave sometimes so I don't. It's hard.

I can crack a joke reference to Shin Megami Tensei that one's lawful hero, I'm neutral hero, and the other's chaos hero. Course, only I'd get it, even though one of them play SMT. Still. Hey, we should get an EIE, and form the Beatles II.