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    Default Systran Pro translation software and articles

    I've been farming through the Russian Socionics sites with my newly aquired Systran Pro translation software. As far as machine translation goes it is far-far superior to any of the free web based translators. Systran itself offers a free translation on their website (it's also the software used by Babelfish). The full version of the software gives you all sorts of control over the translation process...

    In the process of training the software and developing a good translation dictionary I've focused on the articles that are in Russian on the International Socionics Institute website (which is much more extensive than those offered in English). At this point I have decent to good translations of almost all the articles. These translations are far from perfect but cangenerally understood with a little effort. I'm beginning a second pass through them to perfect the translations but this takes time to do.

    It is all really good stuff and the majority of it does not exhist anywhere in English. I know some people just can't wait till Christmas (metaphorically) so I want to post all the first draft translations somewhere and as full transations are produced I'll replace the old one's.

    I umm, (ahem) might have come upon my translation software my dubius means, so I'm really not so keen on posting this stuff on my own ftp. I'm thinking the best way to do this would be a forum that allows HTML (since there's alot of charts and symbols and whatnot)

    So does anybody have any suggestions on how or where I should post this stuff without getting hunted down by either Systran software goons or mad Russian socionists?

    Another factor... I'm broke as a joke so there isn't going to be any pay web-hosting in my future, that'd serriously cut into my weed fund :wink:

    here's a rough translation of the article index in Russian...

    Read on our site:
    For the novices:
    [Sotsionicheskie] designations
    To augustinavichjute a. Model of the information metabolism
    To augustinavichjute a. Two [vertatsii]
    To augustinavichjute a. On dual nature of the man
    To augustinavichjute a. On the symbols. Semantic content of the symbols, utilized in sotsionika
    To augustinavichjute a. [Sotsionnaja] nature of humanity and [asotsionnost] of the society
    Bukalov a. v. Sotsionika - new approach to understanding of man and society
    Bukalov a. v. Sotsionika - way in the future
    Bukalov a. v. Sotsionika, mentologija and psychology of the personality
    Gulenko EXPLOSIVES. Sotsionika: between the science and the skill
    [Meged] EXPLOSIVE. Natures and the recommendation
    [Meged] EXPLOSIVE. Erotic programs the kvadr
    New! [Prilepskaja] n. a. On the experience of the use of a sotsionika in the preventive maintenance of the deflecting behavior
    [Shulman] g. a. Ode to the dual contact

    For the interested readers:
    Bukalov a. v. Archetypes, the principle of [sinkhronistichnosti] k. g. Young and the phenomenon of the periodicity of the human history
    Bukalov a. v. Appearance and the disappearance of [passionarnosti] on l. To [gumilevu] as the consequence of the new biological effect
    Bukalov a. v. Is reliable the American statistics of types and intertipnye of relations on the test i. Myers- Briggs?
    Bukalov a. v. On the beginning of the new stage of the biological evolution of man as the form of homo of sapiens of sapiens
    New! Bukalov a. v. Sotsionika and the psycho-information theory: the universal tool of analysis, structuring and organization of the human knowledge
    Bukalov a. v. Sotsionika: the humanitarian, social, political and information intellectual technologies XXI of the century
    Bukalov a. v. [Etnosotsionika]: alcoholism, addiction and [mentalnost] of the ethnoses
    Bukalov a. v. Integral type of the information metabolism OF THE USA
    Bukalov a. v. Sotsionika and the secret of the magic: the interpretation of the riddles k. Of [kastanedy]
    Bukalov a. v.,
    [Karpenko] O. b.,
    [Chikirisova] g. v. On the statistics of relations in the conjugal pairs
    Bukalov a. v.,
    [Karpenko] O. b.,
    [Chikirisova] g. v. Effective management and cadre [konsalting] with the use sotsionicheskom of the technologies
    Bukalov a. v.,
    [Taratukhin] s. a. On his sotsionicheskom type f. d. of Roosevelt and interaction with the integral the thymoma OF THE USA
    Gulenko EXPLOSIVES. Introvertnaja sotsionika. Internal relations in the group as its integral type reflection
    Gulenko EXPLOSIVES. Kvadr and their sociopsychological special features
    New! Gulenko EXPLOSIVES. Forms of the thinking
    Ivanov d. a.,
    Ivanov a. a. Sotsionika and the problem of flight safety
    [Karpenko] O. b. Perception of the aspects of the peace
    [Karpenko] O. b. Personality of Peter of the I from the point sight of the sotsionika
    New! [Lopatinskaja] p. n. Some aspects of appearance and retention of the intertipnye of the relations
    [Lytov] d. a., [Or]-[skij] OF EXPLOSIVES. “Controlling” and “leaders” in sotsionika and typology Myers- Briggs
    [Nemirovskij] a. a. On the interrelation of the classical and relative sotsionika
    Sheep breeders a. a. Types of personality and the management
    [Prilepskaja] n. a. Child and floor. Ethical interpretation sotsionicheskom of functions.
    [Rejnin] g. r. Knowledge and the information
    [Rejnin] g. r. Counterpoint of the perception
    [Rejnin] g. r. [Tipologich]e[skij] method of describing the phenomena
    [Rejnin] g. r. On the mixed and clean types
    Savchenko s. v. As symbolic sotsionika explains appearance the kvadr
    [Stovpjuk] M. f. Attempt at [sotsionicheskogo] type determination the Enrico Fermi
    [Stovpjuk] M. f. [Sotsionicheskij] type of Wolfgang Pauli
    [Filimonov] s. v. External and inner levels of the information metabolism
    [Chikirisova] g. v. [Sotsionicheskogo] type study s. p. Korolev
    [Churjumov] s. i. [Sotsionicheskij] approach to the typology of the philosophical systems
    [Shulman] g. a. Aspects, function, the Tim, people (mental functions Gustav Young's Carla in the models of the psyche of man, from the cycle “the fragments of integrity”)

    For the specialists:
    Bukalov a. v. Integral sotsionika. Types of the associations, nations, states. [Etnosotsionika]
    Bukalov a. v. New model of ethnos and state. Psycho-information space of the ethnos
    Bukalov a. v. On the mechanism of the formation of the functions of information metabolism in the process of generating the individual
    Bukalov a. v. On the function of consciousness in sotsionika
    Bukalov a. v. Sotsionika, the theory of control and the simulation of the information processes of the psyche
    Bukalov a. v. Structuring of psycho-information space, the determination of the types of the information metabolism of arbitrary objects and the physical process of observation in quantum mechanics
    Bukalov a. v. Phenomenon of the structuring of the psycho-information space: the hierarchy of the capacities of human attention, storage and thinking
    Bukalov g. k. To a question about the relations of the technical objects
    Bukalov g. k. TIM of system “man- object”
    New! Gulenko EXPLOSIVES. [Sotsionicheskaja] alternative to the rigid-structure class system
    Gulenko EXPLOSIVES. Secret of the fifth measurement. From the experience sotsionicheskoj of diagnostics by the method of the interview
    Ivanov d. a. Sotsionika in diagnostics and treatment of boundary psychopathology
    Ivanov d. a. On the sequential use and the activation of the corresponding personal factors in the process of the step by step psychotherapeutic treatment of boundary psychopathology
    [Karpenko] O. b. Several words about the fourth function
    [Karpenko] O. b. About which we do speak?
    [Karpenko] O. b. Position of the expert
    [Lemeshev] O. g., [Lemesheva] Yu. v. Notes about the danger of the radioactive defeat
    New! [Lytov] d. a. Application of typology of personality in the study of the foreign languages
    [Lytov] d. a. Universality sotsionicheskom of categories. Formal logical and grammatical analogs of 4 functions of Young
    [Prilepskaja] n. a. Play room in sotsionicheskoj diagnostics and consultation of the children
    [Shulman] g. a. On some principles of the development of tests for the identification of Tim man and procedure of the testing

    articles available at the English version.... 13
    articles available at the Russian version.... aprox 70+

    This is just from one site too, I have much, much more not listed....

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    im thinking that you should at least post some fragments on this forum as a guest. I'd be more than anxious to read them.

    just do it- Nike

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    I would say something but I'm not intirely sure the copyright implications etc etc etc, but there's always guest...

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