my ESI aunt says the darkest things when she observed the fun and outgoing nature of my sister's nurse she said "be careful she will steal your husband"

she tells me "if you don't do x your husband will leave you for another woman"

what? what does she think of relations in this way?

is this related to this? "+Se = durability and resistance. This quadra is well capable of defending itself and its position. For them power is not easy to acquire, as to do this they must resist the volitional Beta quadra. However, once it is seized, they can hold on to it despite all attempts at restoration. Protectiveness, ability to defend themselves against all force, ability to keep that which was acquired - these are the principles that they respect. This quadra can be called the quadra of criticism and reforms. In contrast to the 'fire' Beta quasar, which is oriented primarily politically, this quadra is oriented more socially."

my husband is NEVER leaving me