So my cousin is ESI and her brat teenager is SEE. (Yes, I said brat). We have a family gathering coming up on Friday however my ESI cousin made PLANS to go to another event on that day months ago. Upon hearing about our gathering my SEE niece throws some attitudes at the mom and whines and complains and gets aggressive (she picks up a pillow - not a soft one and is about to smack her mom). Now throughout the complaints the mom is trying to be rational and explain, "we made plans months ago, what can I do if they decided on the family gathering on the last minute?" the daughter doesn't care and still whines "but I don't like where we're going? why can't I not go?" Now RSVP -ing for their event means reserving a table at the restaurant and each seat costs $50. My cousin is $350 into this and her teenage brat is complaining about it not being FUN. I intervene after I sense the aggression and I tell her this "you know part of being an adult is sticking with your commitments and learning to have fun no matter where you're at." She withdraws from her taking jabs at her poor mother who is internalizing the frustrations and looking like she's emotional and tired and sitting there and is about to cry. I told the brat to look at the possibilities "you may actually have a good time." OMG sometimes SEE brat kids can really get to me especially when they don't factor in the and don't consider the feelings of their parents and resort to whining about not having fun.