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Thread: Why is breast milk gross?

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    Default Why is breast milk gross?

    In my EII fashion I read and saved a few articles on the health benefits of breast milk. It’s non irritating qualities etc. I still have a little breast milk and it so happens my sister’s face got irritated. I told her that I would pump breast milk for her to apply to her face because it has good fats, will feed the good bacteria on her skin, smooth the irritation, will fill in some of her scars and the lactic acid will be like a quick cure to her wrinkles. She says “eww gross” I’m like “girl they take placenta from hospitals and develops makeup and you can’t rub milk on your face?” Why is breast milk gross? It is one of the best things in life? So what if it’s homeopathic and natural. Don’t we seek out natural stuff to place on our skins?
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