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    I've skimmed the free ebook only a little, but its foundational ideas/logical axioms are down-right preposterously retarded. (edit: my complaint here is that reading the ebook is disappointing, and painful because it is frustrating. hopefully I find elaborations of the colors elsewhere.)

    - brown people like toilets/bathrooms
    - red people like peeing (secreting from their urethra)
    - orange: 'why do you think housewives like to have scales in the kitchen?' in a section about orange being penny-pinchers or w/e (Um? Because scales are useful for food measurement, not because of a neurotic obsession with numbers...)

    It's conclusions might be true (people who score brown do have higher-than-average toilet interest), but it's not BECAUSE of some underlying mechanism (a more easily understood example is Yellow - I scored high in Yellow, it says Yellow likes either/both sweet/spicy food which is true for me... but says it's because of an underlying oral fixation???????). I'm sorry but, is the creator here LSI (pic is in ebook)? Weak aka wrong/whatever Ne(abstract patterns of the external world) spotted. As well, I did see the ebook in it's Intro gave nod to Freud - who I think is SLI?* -- another type with horrid Ne...

    * My typing of Freud may be wrong, I've never read any of his stuff or looked at him closely, but my final judgment was his ideas are 'quacky' often, and quacky ideas='poor' Ne. Regardless of his actual Sociotype, my judgment is he had wack Ne.
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