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Thread: Full analysis of the American economic crisis

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    Default Full analysis of the American economic crisis

    1. Baby Boomers didn't save enough money to retire because they think their children should support them in retirement.
    2. They think the secret to getting rich is to go to college and get any degree.
    3. Colleges want children to mature and break away from the terrible parents who want to use their children as slaves.
    4. Parents get annoyed at this fact, start hating colleges, everyone goes to the right-wing and votes for Donald Trump since he literally can't read with any degree of competency (and kids at colleges ironically vote for him because he seems edgier than Hillary, who acts like a parent even if she was more like "Feel the (Weed) Bern" Bernie Sanders all along.)
    5. All the heads of households (mostly dads) remove life support from their spouses (mostly moms) so they can "realistically" have enough to retire so everyones' moms die at once.
    6. College degrees are generally worthless due to inflation and also due to the fact that people are picking worthless degrees like business and communications in overwhelming numbers.
    7. People like Jeff Bezos and the Koch Brothers get all the money from the Baby Boomers acting like idiots and start creating feudalistic empires and "stealing" Baby Boomers' kids.
    8. Everyone is alienated, broke, and annoyed and watches the world actually fall apart. Except, probably, your grandparents.

    1. Talk to your grandparents, because I'm 100% certain that any differences of opinion regarding whether or not it's OK to "have a homosexual on television" (watch the Ellen show, if you like that) is going to be less than the differences between life experiences considering the Coddled Babies are, well, coddled babies and now looks more like WWII in comparison.
    2. Read some bildungsromans so you have an idea what growing up looks like even though you're going to have to imagine old German guys as your dad telling you to be a lawyer instead of majoring in theater since your actual dad is just sitting there telling you to "follow your passsssssion!" hoping you'll not care about money at all and pay for his retirement.
    3. Political reform, but you can't change the system until you develop your character first. (I know which reforms I want, but whether you want capitalism 2.0, communism, or some sort of benign dictatorship, you're not getting it until you deserve it so all my other points still hold.)

    ...Yes, I'm accusing America of having a mass maturity crisis. Do you have any better analyses?
    “Don't think money does everything or you are going to end up doing everything for money.” ― Voltaire

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    there is no special crisis
    there is the contr-socialistic (antihumanistic) reformation since 1960s which became intensive after desctruction of USSR (which since middle of 1960s started to go from socialism to liberal capitalism) what leads the minority to rise expoitation against the majority which lives worse due to this

    about what happens you may read Karl Marx, instead of propaganda in liberal medias
    Types examples: video bloggers, actors

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    The maturity crisis is the direct result of the overprotectiveness of the previous generation. Fascism is becoming more popular because millennials are now realizing they got screwed from being deprived of hardship and risk in their childhood/teens, and that's exactly what the fascist ideology seeks to embrace for the sake building the character of individuals in society. History is repeating itself yet again.
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