I hate that everyone everywhere seems to be so cynical. Just because you have a good reason to be cynical doesn't mean that you should be. If you're young, you should be idealistic, study everything without anyone asking you which subject you want to marry, pick fistfights, fall in love and recite sonnets on balconies, start riots, and try to go to Mars. If you're old, you should collect all the Victorian busts and Neoclassical columns I see end up in antique stores and go to Christmas Island for Christmas. You shouldn't whine about dead white males, the Illuminati, or SJWs all the time. Instead, you should try to join the Illuminati and become an SJW with a complete Social Justice Wars laser armor set and when you die you can turn into yourself as a dead white male (always be the white Social Justice Warrior) so losers who don't want to read old books can bitch and moan about you.

Oh, and if you hate people whining all the time please go into politics. You'll be far away as possible from the kind of people who moan about politics. The world gets old and becomes young again.