Hey everyone.

I've been reading mbti for a few years and I'm still confused on my type. I've tested as xSTP, xNTJ XNTP.

some info about me.

I'm impatient and stubborn

I HATE being micro managed

When at work I tend to just want to do my own thing and not be bothered to much unless by someone I like talking to.

I speak up when needed

I asked My family and friends to describe me in one word and these are what they said • rebellious • funny • stubborn

I also asked them to pick a fictional character that fits my personality and this is what they said • Iron Man • Star Lord • Mulder

I work out 5 days a week and hike,surf, fish.

I've been described as a geek/jock

I'm a fantasy/sci fi/horror Nerd.

I read a lot of fantasy books and write.

as a husband and father I'm loving,caring, and would do anything for my family. I'm goofy around those im close to, so my loved ones see that side of me more.

I've been told I look intimidating and not nerdy until they got to know me.

I try to be rational and logical as much as I can but being impatient can cause me to be irritated easily.

I tend to jump straight into things

I think fast on my feet

I'm always watching and reading theories on game of thrones and star wars and marvel

science minded

I used to be really into playing sports, I watch a lot more of it than I participate

I'm a avid gamer, FPS and RPGS. in shooters I play sniper or explosives classes, in RPGS i play rogues or a necromancer.


When there's a problem I tend to try and fix it right away.

I'm blunt

I can get frustrated easy

Tends to rush monotonous tasks

• Talk before thinking or sentences come out jumbled .

• Change subject when talking randomly

• Passionate

• Love laughing and making people laugh.

• Can talk about abstract things but prefer more factual things

• Head in the clouds

• Try and get important things done asap if there important like bills. I usually don't want to worry about things and by getting them done I have more time to relax.

• I like to do things on my own time. I don't like schedules.

• Opionated

• Been told I'm a great dad by my 2 daughters and family and friends. I'm very caring and loving toward them.

• When I'm with my wife I like to conversate and enjoy spending time with her. She says I'm energetic and can be overwhelming with my energy. She good at keeping me grounded and I'm good at getting her out of her shell.

• I'm goofy and talkative

• tend to forget things

• Get bored easily

• Open minded

• try and see things from others perspectives

• Love to debate and talk politics. Went to school for political science but never finished.

• Love to do Puzzles and play strategy games

• Read a lot. Mostly fiction and biographies about bands.

• Analytical and tend to over analyze things

• Will call people out who are bothering me or being unfair in general to me or others.

• I enjoy playing Rpgs. I like the freedom of games like the elder scrolls games.

• Dont like being managed and is why I got into a job so i can be my own boss mostly.

• Love talking about movies. Everything about a movie usually but especially the way it's filmed,cinematography and special fx.

• I zone out when people are talking to me about things I don't care about

• Tend to know a lot about pop culture even though I'm not a trendy person or care about trends. Just when I'm normally speaking I incorporate movie quotes for fun or use movie related things to describe