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Thread: Hi there.

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    Smile Hi there.


    As is implied by my username, I'm an LII, and I'm looking to dive further into the world of the socion by means of this forum.

    I have a fair base of knowledge (Model G, Model A, Beebe, original Jung) and like to create new diagrams for all of these, identifying patterns about those unidentified small groups, etc. I want to keep discussing and fundamentally understanding more & more about the different models and systems.

    I also want access to more resources (of course).
    Please come talk to me.

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    Hello, welcome!
    The great Zen master Zhuang Zhou dreamt that he was a butterfly. When he awoke, he asked himself, "Am I a man who just dreamt about being a butterfly, or am I a butterfly who now dreams about being a man?"

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