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    Default Type Me Please.

    Hey there, I am new on this forum and looking to be typed(and also my subtypes). so cutting to the chase-

    1. As a person, I am lazy, high on procastination, trouble starting stuff but if and when I do start, I will make sure to finish it off unless I stagnate in the middle in which case, I may withdraw from work completely only if it holds not much value or something optional.

    2. When it comes to people, new people in general, I have trouble opening upto them in real life, I will observe them and be somewhat worried especially if someone approaches me and acts too nice, like this one time I thought of this guy to be a kidnapper because of how nice he was
    P.S I am a male

    3. I am not the kind of person who loves exploration or travel alot, I prefer staying at home and watching Youtube anyday over going to a Party or anything of that sort. I have few IRL friend whom I value(less than 10). Other people, it is fairly easy to move on from them and forget.

    4. I don't know how goal-oriented or obsessive I am in pursuit of my goals, to me it all seems normal. Like this time I took a course on Calc 1 on udemy, I became very centered on it, stopped going to gym and even reduced drastically my study of MBTI to finish the course off. I cannot do multiple things in parallel. Atleast I will give an extraordinary time to one particular subject/goal if not shut off the other goals completely.

    5. I do have religious beliefs, strong ones at that, I researched religion when I was about 11-ish or 12. Explored different mainstream religions and arrived at the conclusions I did and my personal experience with it has only reinforced my beliefs so far.(I believe this point should not be given as much weightage, if it will lead to biases when typing which I do not want)

    6. There are times when I cannot choose and become extremely frustrated on big decisions such as when choosing a Uni. My thought train goes super-worrymode like this, what if I don't get a job after getting my degree. That was my biggest concern, if I went unemployed for a long time, there would be alot of progress lost and I would be viewed as a disgrace and my mom would likely be mocked or scorned for the amount of cash she spent on my education whoch bore no fruits. That worries me. When I am like this, I seek professional opinions or atleast opinions from people who are level-headed and can advice me and put some sense in me.

    7. When someone really pisses me off and hurts me over and over, I get bright ideas on how to darken their lives and impose what I feel is fair punishment on them. Although if they apologise, I will forgive depending on what they did, something like killing someone close to me or so won't be forgiven obviously.

    8. I worry about how I look in public sometimes mostly because I don't want someone laughing at me, although sometimes I may head out with standing hair and not care much.

    9. As a kid I was quiet and didn't pay attention in class. I preferred playing video games at home for hours on end . It was a bad addiction that lasted for years. Even as a 14 year old I could not understand sarcasm and some forms of sense of humour. Had to search the dictionary up. Even for the term empathy, I would forget what it means and how it feels to be empathetic. Although recently I may have experienced it a few times but perhaps it was simply sympathy and not empathy. I kight truly not know what empathy feels like.
    P.S does not make me a bad or horrible person. I still help people lol.

    10. I was bullied as a kid and called names, pretty much the stereotypical absent minded quiet kid who would get pushed around. Yeah and I have actually forgiven these guys again and again when they were reported only for them to return.

    11. Normally I prefer healthy foods, quiet strict about it, taste of food does not matter much unless its outright disturbing due to excess of salt or the likes. However ehen served good food, I enjoy it . Ehen under stress I will resort to indulging in sweet food

    12. Not a big sucker for arts or a fan of it. Although in my free time, I do use my Note phone to scribble some patterns and abstract paintings. I am not a fan of scenery or concrete human paintings.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.
    Thank you
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    you sound almost like me and playing hours of video games is nothing to feel ashamed of anyway iam not good with typing and still looking for mine, but if you do find your type its going to be close to mine seeing how we have almost the same traits

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