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Thread: My Teen Romance Comedy SNAFU

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    Default My Teen Romance Comedy SNAFU

    Vey well written slice of life/romance anime series. Thoughts on types? I haven't put much thought into these, so they're really tentative. I'm typing mainly via quadras and basic IE usage.

    Hachiman: ILI
    Yukino: ESI
    Yuigahama: ESE
    Sensei: IEE?
    Komachi: SEE? Komachi and sensei may need to be switched, though I'm not sure.
    Hayama: ESE
    Haruno: EIE
    Totsuka: SEI
    Iroha (second season): not sure

    Pretty much everyone's an F type, which is partly why Hachiman stands out so much. Also, most people are in Fe valuing quadras and are SO or SX subtype. Hachiman is definitely SP.
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