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This really sounds to me like Te-PoLR. You have an irrational and probably unjustified fear of making mistakes which involve money or facts. This fear is often described as feeling like “You suck at something and you know it”, but it is really having no confidence in your competence in an area, regardless of your actual competence.

I feel the same way about Si. I probably can arrange a comfortable environment and take care of my health as well as anyone else, but I feel unconfident in these areas and I assume that absolutely everyone is better at this than I am.
Yeah, it felt like an attack on my PoLR alright. The best I can put it into words, it ss an irrational fear of the organized world. I don't understand it, there are too many rules, it's fussy and makes no sense, and how am I supposed to know all the rules when no one taught me? It's impossible to know beforehand which rule I'll encounter and how to behave around it. So it's more about this than money or facts per se. Is that still Te? Or more Ti?

Two comments:
One, you should get another opinion about the number of digits you need to use in your accounting. Your accountant might be incompetent or greedy or correct, we don't know but you should find out. Think of it as a detective story, which you should be excellent at researching to write.
Good idea, thanks!

Two, I was talking to this woman who is a small business owner who is Te-PoLR. Her crepe pan broke and new ones cost upwards of $1000. I offered to fix it for her for free. She recoiled at my offer, saying that I probably didn't have the right electricity to test it. I told her that I have every kind of electricity and that would not be the problem if I couldn't fix it.
She thought about it for a few seconds and refused, instead choosing to buy a new crepe pan. I could tell that she felt like my offer to fix her appliance was making her feel like I was telling her that she is stupid (when I wasn't saying or even thinking that at all), so rather than admit that she felt entirely out of her area of expertise, she paid a lot of money for a new pan that she probably didn't need. (It probably just needed a new switch, since electrical connectors are the least reliable part of any electrical apparatus.)

That's Te-PoLR, but the feelings that you get when you stray into your PoLR area are the same for everyone.
Hmm, I'd probably pay someone to fix my broken sewing machine rather than buy a new one but if someone offered to help for free and I was short on money, I would consider it. I'd probably feel uneasy about not paying a friend because I believe everyone should be rewarded for their job. The situation you wrote about brought Se to my mind more than Te --not saying it's a correct impression, it's just that I see prowess in fixing things as more of a Se than Te thing. Maybe I have it backwards though? Or maybe these things overlap somehow.