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Thread: Praise for LSIs

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    Your temperament is generally cheerful with a strong grounded sense of reality which never escapes you.

    You know how to be an emotional Rock of Gibraltar to others. Your patience for bearing quietly with other people's dramas and emotional and idealistic issues, as they try to find their way and wrestle in tears, can seem endless.

    You are very crafty and handy, with inventive ingenuity in matters of practical engineering which other types lack interest in for long. You have the patience to solve complex mechanical problems and innovate solutions.

    You look after how well-fed and cared for your loved ones are in practical ways - cooking succulent healthy no-nonsense dinners, wiping the car's windows of snow.

    You know how to demonstrate a caring devotion in a seemingly obligatory and dutiful way towards those you are most committed to loving. You express this by being attentive, involved, and with practical actions that contribute to the wellbeing and safety of the home life.

    You have a keen sense of tactical maneuvering that gives you great courage in undertaking any sports, especially those of the adventure variety.

    You have a high tolerance for nonsense and an enthusiastic appreciation for wildly imaginative whimsy such as found in some fantasy films. You have a gleeful and innocent sense of humor.

    You manage your time effectively and are able to administrate practical tasks well while maintaining a suave demeanor and cheery professionalism. Your employers love relying on you to get things done and often entrust you with extra responsibilities you accept from their direction. This often helps you to advance in your career.

    You enjoy maintaining regular contact and routines with your closest associates which helps build harmony and deepen positive feelings.

    You can suss out the moral character of others well and will never be taken advantage of or cheated, as you can see through ploys and scams. You are not gullible, can recognize honest efforts in caregiving, and appreciate reliability and faithfulness in others.
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    Jami, 15th c. Persian Poet

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