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Thread: Praise for EIEs

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    I know I have at times said some nonideal things about my Supervisee but let me offer some praise to show I do see great value in them too.

    You guys tend to be excellent at showing care and concern and are naturally warm-hearted, even if at times you decide you must try hard to be cold. You are excellent at showing love and affection for those you are closest to and can be very devoted to the right partner you want.

    You have great capacities for extended sensuality even if this is not your primary nature to be as generally comfort oriented as I am.

    You can be very intelligent when you apply yourselves. Often your academic success comes easily if only you have had the right relationships to encourage this (too easy to lag behind and be perceived as less intelligent than you are if the right social support and ideals weren't external to help you exert yourself accordingly.)

    Your theatricality and ability to perform to an audience - whether zany or professionally erudite - is quite engaging and fascinates your followers when you lead. You know how to extract the right desired emotions from others more than most.

    You know how to be stubborn and appear to stand up for whatever cause you currently believe in whether large or small, and you make a show of your beliefs and ideals often. Many of you have a strong sense of morals and will vocally fight for someone or something you think has been wronged in search of restoring harmony by making a fuss.

    You are very sociable even with strangers and know how to assert yourself to engage others in proactively positive relations.

    Some of you have talent in theatre, some higher academics, some comedy, some music composition, some science education...
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